Madam Empire to Host Art Party In East Williamsburg Tonight

Alec Meeker

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A group of Bushwick artists are throwing a party and interactive gallery event at Bogart House today from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

The event, curated by Samantha Paston, features work from artists around the neighborhood along with DJ’s, dancing, food, and a live performance art piece from “endurance flow performer,” Annika Rhea.

Paston invites the community to, “join us for an evening showcasing unique NYC artists that represent true individuality and creativity. We’ve created a space of high vibrations where you can see the spirits through each form of artistic expression.”

Artist Annika Rhea performing at the House of Yes Block Party for the Bushwick Collective. Image Courtesy of Rhea. 

Paston spoke with Bushwick Daily about tonights featured artists and her curation process. 

“There is a mixture of reasons I’ve chosen these artists. For me, it’s not just about what you make, it’s about the vibe that you are creating within the piece of art. That vibe can be felt by the viewer in many different ways. I fell in love with their attitude, their excitement and their passion.” 

Art Piece by Remy Valentine to be shown at event tonight. Image Courtesy of Artist

Sitting at a bustling Bushwick Cafe, Bushwick Public House, we sat down with one of the featured artists, Christy Hayek (cover photo). 

Hayek tells Bushwick Daily. “It is my biggest art show yet, and this one is special because it’s the first time I get to be surrounded by the community of loved ones I’ve built in NYC. I get to share my accomplishments with them and show them what their support has done for me.”

Hayek, a first generation Lebanese American, says her work is not political. “I’m not here to talk about certain issues or make a statement, I’m here to show people their consciousness and how it flows in their brain as well as in our universal surroundings.”

Piece by Christy Hayek. Courtesy of artist

When asked whether the ongoing protests and conflict in Lebanon have made an impact on her art. Hayek says, “It doesn’t affect my art because my art is bigger than protests and political upheaval, the pieces are more cosmic, it’s like the ‘overview effect’ but on a canvas.” 

“We are nothing more than a speck of atoms floating around, and that’s all that matters, everything else is just noise.”

If you want to join the party tonight, head to the event page to grab your tickets, learn more about the event, and check out the other featured artists. 

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