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There’s a new show shot in Bushwick and it’s trying to help you move up in the world…or at least get your life together. The digital series, Adulting With Jane, premiered this week, shedding a little light to the hard-won lessons we all have to learn. 

Adulting With Jane stars creator and executive producer, Jenny Paul of Intent Entertainment, whose credits include Netflix’s Jessica Jones and Hulu’s The Looming Tower. Her new show blends DIY comedy sketches and ever-helpful “how-to” videos to make life a little easier. 

Each episode features the likes of different cultural influencers teaching Jane the ropes and how to cope with being a real grown-up. In “How to Go to the Theater” or “How to Change a Tire” viewers can see Jane take time with actors Sophia Anne Caruso or Mike “The Gentleman Racer” Satterfield. 

“Outside of acting and developing ideas, I tutor and work with a lot of high schoolers who are trying to figure out what they want,” Paul shared. “The idea for this show came from realizing people want humor and something relatable to watch. As they see Jane figure herself out, they are figuring themselves out, too.”

Adulting With Jane formed its fledgling footing when Paul took a leap out of the nest and decided to not only help her millennial peers, but to shoot technology advanced series with some help from WireWax. As detailed in the press release, the digital show “will be the one of the first narrative series ever to feature shoppable video technology,” through which viewers can directly purchase specific products or decor they see in different scenes. “When you see and like a featured product in the show, you can click on it, buy it on the spot, and easily return to the episode.”

Adulting With Jane selected to partially shoot in Bushwick because it “represents why people think NYC is on a ‘young adult level.’ The community is so friendly and it’s easy to make art here.” Paul goes on to say that she’s worked on three other productions in the graffiti-covered streets of the neighborhood, finding great success with locations and creatives in the area. 

“The show is about my generation’s story…how to properly take care of ourselves in a brave new world,” reflects Paul. “As millennials we can find the story of ourselves in watching someone else discover who they are and what they need.” 

Catch the brand new series on ROKU, Chromecast, Amazon, Vimeo, Apple TV and www.AdultingwithJane.com 

Cover Image courtesy of “Adulting with Jane”

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