Bushwick Art Storage Gets $76 Million Makeover

Natasha Ishak

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It looks like Bushwick residents aren’t the only ones getting end-of-year makeovers. UOVO, a company dedicated to the safekeeping and handling of art, fashion, and other high-end collections, has closed its 150,000-square-foot warehouse purchase on 105 Evergreen Avenue and will be giving the building a $76 million makeover.

The costly renovation project, that begins in January, will “re-purpose the existing reinforced concrete structure specifically to suit the needs of fine art, design, fashion and archival collections,” according to the company’s press release.

UOVO has become one of the fastest growing art storage providers in the New York City market. In just four years they havinge amassed 650,000+ square feet of valuable storage space in the city. The company caters to 1500 clients and counting, consisting of collectors, artists, galleries, fashion houses, foundations, and museums. In addition to its concierge storage services, UOVO also provides their clients with transportation, installation, shipping and packing of collections, led by a full-time staff of expert art handlers.

The company’s first location UOVO: NYC is an eight-story, 280,000-square-foot flagship facility. It opened in December four years ago and stands adjacent to the Queensborough bridge. Next, UOVO’s two Rockland County facilities, UOVO: 33 KINGS HWY and UOVO: 100 BRADLEY PKWY, opened in 2014 and 2017, respectively. With its Bushwick location, UOVO owns four facilities in total across New York City.

The UOVO: BROOKLYN building is the company’s most recent location. In an interview with Art Zealous, UOVO CEO Steve Novenstein cited Bushwick’s burgeoning reputation as the borough’s premier arts destination as a big consideration in choosing the neighborhood for its fourth fine arts facility. “Engaging with New York’s cultural community is a priority for us, so I think we are going to fit in very well in Bushwick,” he said.

We don’t have details on the specific designs that will go into the UOVO: BROOKLYN building’s pricey makeover, but based on the amount of money that’s being poured into the project, it’s a safe bet that the building exterior will likely mimic the flagship warehouse’s heavy architectural facade. UOVO: BROOKLYN is set to open in Fall 2019 and will be the biggest art storage facility in the borough.

Cover image courtesy of Butz-Wilbern.

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