“Madre America” is Bushwick Daily’s November Poem of the Month

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Here’s our November installment of “Bushwick Bohemia Beat Poetry” curated by Bushwick-born poet, Emanuel Xavier. The series features poems by Bushwick residents. This month’s poem comes from Emanuel Xavier himself. As featured in the 2012 reprint of  Americano, it speaks to the current immigration and birthright citizenship news in the media.

If I were to give myself to you completely,

would it matter that I didn’t come from your womb?

I have been thrown out of homes and abandoned by fathers

looking for a place to settle

and offer what little is left of this spirit.

I speak your tongue and share the beds of your sons.

I would fight in your battles

if considered man enough for you.

The dead eyes of innocent faces

will not haunt this empty soul.

Would you be my motherland?

Would I be allowed to bathe in your oceans?

without drowning in your oil spills?

Would you hold me when I die?

and grant me a final resting place?

Madre, put down that newspaper and look at me closely,

I much resemble your first kin before you were raped

I have tasted your tears and washed myself in your sorrow

Madre, would you grant me sanctuary from my sin of living? Of loving?

Your children do not want me to be part of your history.

Your daughters do not care to heal these wounds.

Madre, remind them that I have kept you strong

I have cleansed you, fed you, and kept you warm.

You made me who I am today

but still unworthy of their affection.

You were always full of love for all of us.

You raised us the same

even when we took your splendor for granted.

We may not have the same blood but we are all connected.

I don’t want to lose this family.

This heart belongs to you.

America you have been my mother and my father.

The autumn leaves are falling and it is only summer.

Do not let them keep me from coming into your arms.

Do not let them imprison me with lies.

Do not let them kill me

for wanting to share in your devotion.

Remind them that our differences

is what make this home more beautiful than any other.

I am nourished and wise because of you.

I look out the window

and I’m not afraid of the wilderness outside.

I only fear not finding my way back.

Madre, I want to stay here with the others to protect you.

I want to read musings and hear your stories.

I want to stare at your skies at night

and lay on your lands.

Madre I know it is not you, but they,

that are jealous of our bond.

Madre, educate us all to understand

more than one language.

I want to write poetry to someday teach in your schools

Peace belongs to all of us because you, Madre

America I will always be your child.

Bushwick’s celebrated poet Emanuel Xavier curates this monthly feature exclusively for Bushwick Daily featuring a poem by a local Bushwick resident and/or native. 2-3 poems (10 pages max) can be submitted to [email protected] with the subject “Bushwick Bohemia Beat Poetry Submission”.

Poems should be attached as Word documents, 10 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced and set up as they should appear on the site if selected. Poems can be about anything (not exclusive to Bushwick) but contributors must currently live within the Bushwick area or have been born and/or raised in the neighborhood.

Please include a brief 3-5 sentence bio and your personal relation to Bushwick with your current mailing address for verification. If submitting previously published work, please include appropriate publication credits. Only if one of your poems is selected for online publication will you receive an email.

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Cover image courtesy of Josh Johnson

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