5 Ways How to Navigate through #BOS2012

By Katarina Hybenova

It is very easy to forget about the biggest art orgy in Bushwick and all the insanity is brings, when lying on a beach on Memorial Day. But BOS 2012 did not forget about you…. Dear Bushwickians, I hope you didn’t get sunburned, because it is ON….

Only days divide us from Bushwick Open Studios, which officially starts on Friday! Arts in Bushwick website shows 542 registered locations, which is more than ever. However, there is no need to panic! Whether you are actively participating or just visiting, we understand that you want to have the most of the weekend. Here is 5 ways how to navigate through the large number of the locations:


#1 Traditionally: Get a Map

Every BOS veteran knows that one of the most common ways of getting around during BOS, is to pick up a brochure/map that Arts in Bushwick have been producing for the event annually.   Lucia Rollow (BOS 2012 co-lead) writes in her email this morning that the maps are ready to be picked up in stacks at the following locations:

Lucia’s House: 385 Troutman St #301, if the buzzer doesn’t work call 917-693-5719

Bushwick Print Lab: 1717 Troutman #204

Parallel Art Space: 1717 Troutman #220

Spread Art: 104 Meserole St

Outpost Artist Resources: 16-65 Norman St

While last year, the map looked more like a glossy MoMA brochure, this year the map resembles a regular newspaper. We welcome this change because of the more ecological and economical paper, and also because it’s simply more Bushwick. The design is pretty and overall we like the pink color.  Flipping through “a newspaper” should bring easier orientation in the large number of events, but unfortunately it doesn’t. As pretty as the design is, the map is not very user friendly. The neighborhood is divided into six zones, which is a good idea, but the paper doesn’t contain a summary of the zones nor table of contents. Very randomly, there is a map of the entire BOS (without the zone division) on page 53 between chapter Zone 3 and 4.

Among rather funny highlights belongs the fact that 56 Bogart building, arguably the most important Bushwick gallery building is called “No Name” in the paper, because the creators of the brochure didn’t know that the building is commonly referred to as 56 Bogart. The brochure contains a number of underused pages, which are either blank or randomly say “Boswijk” or display BOS logo. We strongly believe that these pages should have been used as table of contents or maps serving better general orientation.





#2 New: Smart Phone App

Arts in Bushwick have created a smart phone app, to help us navigate through festival Bushwick. This is a great idea, and we highly recommend downloading it and rely on the app rather than on the printed map. Just a little heads up, in case you own what we like to refer to as to vintage iPhone, the app won’t work. BOS app works only on iPhone 3GS and higher.


#3 Curated BOS Guides and Lists

A number of publications, including Bushwick Daily will be assembling their guides and lists of events not to be missed. This is a great way of not missing really good stuff and of relying on professional opinion of your favorite blogs and other Bushwick art geeks.


#4 Hashtag #BOS2012 on Twitter

You can instantly know and/or share what’s going on in Bushwick if you follow hashtag #BOS2012 on Twitter. Participating art spaces and studios are tweeting short blurbs and images. We created a widget to filter the tweets containing hashtag #BOS2012 and placed it in our right side bar. Is something totally worth it? Tweet it to your peers!


#5 Serendipity

It is nice to plan BOS really well, and to be on the schedule, but don’t over-plan things because you might miss on the serendipitous encounter and experiences that plain exploring brings… We promise that you will have great time in any case (maybe even the best time), if you just randomly visit houses, studio buildings and galleries by just following the BOS signs all around our pigeon town during the weekend.


PS: Big hooray to Arts in Bushwick, an all-volunteer organization who put BOS together this year! We are very well aware how much work it is, and appreciate your enthusiasm!




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