Anthony Medina


Dead Layer, an indie film about a New York graffiti artist caught up in some trouble features parts of Bushwick, Brooklyn.

The story is about a New York City graffiti artist who wants ambiguity from his street life, but gets mixed-up with a consequential crime that hinders his artistic progress.

Cameron Douglas, son of award winning actor Michael Douglas, performs his first post-prison role as protagonist Danny Engel in Dead Layer. Douglas was released from drug charges back in 2016 and is making his comeback to theaters in this independent film.

The choice to use parts of Bushwick in Dead Layer is nothing short of perfect for the graffiti inspired movie. Using Bushwick as a part of the metaphorical “dead layer” makes the film’s prospects rich and more complex than what is seen in the first trailer.

The film has a dynamic team behind it. Writer and Director Carter Winter and co-director Aleksey Reznikov brought producer Jennifer Paul and the 5ivin productions company into the feature film on a five million dollar budget. Dechen Thurman was a producer while working with actor Josh Mostel.

To watch the trailer, check out the films website here

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Photos courtesy of Olivier de Sadeleer