“My Creation” is Bushwick Daily’s Poem of the Month

Angely Mercado


Here’s our July installment of “Bushwick Bohemia Beat Poetry” curated by Bushwick-born poet, Emanuel Xavier. The series features poems by Bushwick residents. This month’s poem comes from Allicia Lawson. 

My Creation

I change

I bend and shift myself

I spend hours thinking of who I need to be for you

How I can mold myself

I beat myself into putty

With words

With thoughts

Make myself pliable

Ready for construction

I break myself down to build back up

Into a perfect home for you to live

It’s not shelter enough

There’s a leak

A gust of air breaks in

My breath shakes it

Knocks at the door

Rattles the window

And just like that

The home I built crumbles

Never sturdy enough to weather the storm

Allicia Lawson is a Massachusetts born Bushwick living lady. She’s been in the city for 10 years which officially makes her a “real” New Yorker. She started out writing music but has now transitioned into poems and her heart couldn’t be happier.

Bushwick’s celebrated poet Emanuel Xavier curates this monthly feature exclusively for Bushwick Daily featuring a poem by a local Bushwick resident and/or native. 2-3 poems (10 pages max) can be submitted to [email protected] with the subject “Bushwick Bohemia Beat Poetry Submission” by July 15.

Poems should be attached as Word documents, 10 point, Times New Roman font, double spaced and set up as they should appear on the site if selected. Poems can be about anything (not exclusive to Bushwick) but contributors must currently live within the Bushwick area or have been born and/or raised in the neighborhood.

Please include a brief 3-5 sentence bio and your personal relation to Bushwick with your current mailing address for verification. If submitting previously published work, please include appropriate publication credits. Only if one of your poems is selected for online publication will you receive an email.

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