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Digital Media and its users’ privacy have been on all of our minds lately — with the influx of Privacy Policy updates flooding our inboxes and to the recent Facebook Data breach, social media has seemingly eradicated the line between public and private — which for some, can be a good thing. On one end, the networking possibilities are endless: constantly connected with friends and loved ones across the globe, maintaining and making relationships has never been easier. But, this “freedom” to socialize comes at a price — our privacy — forcing users to ask themselves: is it really worth it?

That’s exactly what Confetti Machine aims to explore, and hopefully, answer.

Confetti Machine is a three day experimental media festival showcasing the most cutting edge emerging media performance in Brooklyn and beyond, featuring three nights of performances by experimental electronic media artists using custom featuring for manipulating image and sound. The festivities begin this Friday, June 1st, at Outpost Artists Resources in Ridgewood, and continue through Sunday, June 3rd.

This year’s Confetti Machine, curated by Brooklyn-based artist, musician and curator Eric Barry Drasin, revolves around the themes of Network, (Dis)embodiment and Disruption, aiming to answer these pertinent questions: How do networks both fortify and disrupt our relationships? Do these networks empower or isolate us? What types of network feedback loops do we find ourselves in, either cognitive, social, environmental, political? What new forms and structures are idiomatic to the digital echo chamber?

“What is awesome to me about Confetti Machine is it elevates the conversation around New Media performance by bringing together a diverse community of artists to present their work,” Eric tells Bushwick Daily. “Realtime Media is an ‘emerging art form’ with a history that dates back to the mid 1960’s. Confetti Machine seeks to build upon that history by providing a platform for today’s artists to push the boundaries of the medium.”

The festival’s works and performances range from images of gentrification to dance inspired by female Christian mystics to the personification of chemical compounds and software. A dramatic television show will take place entirely in a desktop computer — live, while others works’ scores are based on Fibonacci sequences and arcane mathematics.

…And so much more.

Featured artists are Jen Kutler + Rebecca Ruth Borrer, Comp USA, Rebecca Uliasz, BKLYN! ZULU, Matthew Gantt, Maciej Lewandowski, David First, HIVE MIND (LoVID and Produce Consume Robot), Ariadne, Eric Souther, Tom Hall, Sofy Yuditskaya + Jess Rowland + Meg Schedel, Diggers w/ Cameron Wisch, Dungeon Master and Allison Parrish.

Check out Confetti Machine’s promo video below, and make sure to stop by Outpost this weekend to experience the once in a lifetime event for yourself. You can purchase tickets here.


Confetti Machine begins Friday, June 1 at 6pm, and continues through Sunday, June 3.

Click here for more information and to RSVP, and click here to purchase tickets.

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