Watch Former Bushwick Daily Editor as She Prepares for a Journey to Mars

Micah wants to be with Maggie, but Maggie wants to go to Mars. Can their love survive her one-way ticket to another planet? “My Astronaut,” an eight episode mockumentary web series created in part by former Bushwick Daily Managing Editor Magdalena Waz, answers the question of what one dim-witted boyfriend does to keep his girlfriend from leaving and his life from changing forever.

Season one starts with two bewildered filmmakers (BJ Downs and Nick Weiss-Richmond) arriving to profile Maggie Placek (Magdalena Waz), an underdog candidate for a civilian mission to Mars, but they soon find that her boyfriend, Micah Pevsner (Micah Paisner), might hold the key to a story far more compelling than a simple 30 second candidate bio. Episode 3 follows Maggie on her journey to meet the other candidates for the mission.

Most of this episode was shot at Honey’s (99 Scott Ave) on a weekend morning when the L just happened to be down for pre-full-shut-down construction.

“The staff at Honey’s was so generous in offering us their beautiful space for the shoot,” says Waz. “We got lucky with locations throughout the production, so season one is studded with recognizable spots like the Staten Island Ferry, Penn Station, and even IKEA.”

The series features comedians Scott Adsit (30 Rock), Sarah Stiles (Get Shorty), and Pia Glenn (The Opposition with Jordan Klepper) in supporting roles. New episodes will be up every Thursday on YouTube and on their website.

Photo Courtesy of @myastronautseries Instagram

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