Elsewhere Is Opening a New Venue and Bar Called The Rooftop

Evan Haddad


Elsewhere is opening a new venue and bar on Memorial Day weekend.

The Rooftop will be Elsewhere’s fifth space at 599 Johnson Ave., and it’s kicking off its opening weekend on May 25-28 with live music, DJs, BBQ, frozen drinks, and much more.

Make sure to RSVP here to get in on the action this Memorial Day. The new rooftop venue is already booked with a full calendar of weekend shows and parties until August, which you can also check out here.

Courtesy of Elsewhere

The team behind the former Williamsburg venue Glasslands Gallery built Elsewhere, the sprawling 24,000-square-foot music venue, nightclub, and arts space in Bushwick. From Glasslands, Elsewhere inherits an ethos of creative risk-taking, progressive music programming, and a desire to support and grow the community that makes it possible.

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Cover image courtesy of Elsewhere

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