Bushwick, Find Love With These Missed Connections on the L Train

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It’s been a tough week for Craigslist.

Last week, the site nixed its personals section after the Senate passed the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act, which penalizes web services that enable prostitution or sex trafficking. 

Luckily, the Missed Connections ads remain. So let’s jump into another of our L Train Craigslist roundups before the government bans hopeless love, too.   

 Man with a cheetah-print cane – W4m

When: March 29

This poster is looking for a mystifying man who seemed better suited for The Island of Dr. Moreau than a packed subway car.

“You were sitting at the end of the L train car, in the 2 seater. You had purple hair, seemed quite tall, and you had a green army coat on. You also had a cheetah print cane. I want to know your mysteries.”

 Book-reading boy turned on his Kindle lovelight – m4m

When: March 26

Gotta get me a copy of that book.

“This book is so good that I was all aglow when you asked about it. Got caught up and didn’t realize I was gonna miss my stop! Should have had you write down my number, too. Let’s get coffee, and I’ll lend it to you. I only have 30 pages left.”

 JumpSuited Hiker got the Rush hour heebie-jeebies – m4w

When: March 19

A Bushwick man will have to do his crying in the rain after missing a Montrose mama — but at least he’s got the right outerwear. 

“You made eye contact with me on the L train around 7:40 p.m. First as we were standing, then again as you exited. I thought you were very attractive!! You got off on Montrose Ave.”

“I was tall, in a black jacket, wool hat, and a jumpsuit with hiking boots. Tell me what you were wearing.”

 Protein-Shake Pals looking for more nutrients – mm4ww

When: March 24

These dudes were thirsting for more after this encounter with a pair of ladies and their Nestle drink. 

“A can of Nutrament brought us together on the L train on a Saturday night. We got off at Grand to get dinner. Let us know where you guys were going so we know it’s you.”

That’s all for this week of missed connections, Bushwick. If you have an incredible memory for strangers and think one of these posts is about you, leave us a comment — we want to pair you up with your missed connection!

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