Bushwick, Love May Await You With These L Train Missed Connections

Evan Haddad


We’re back with your favorite weekly roundup of all: the fascinating world of Craigslist missed connections.  

Below are the stories of people looking for that elusive, beautiful stranger on the L train. Was that eye contact more than just a passing glance on a packed commute? Was the feeling mutual? Are you going to get married, have kids, and move to Greenpoint?

Yes, that is the eternal question we are trying to answer with these posts. 

 ode to the Umbrella man from Dublin – w4m

Date: March 2

This first post is a tale of a Nor’easter, the wind-swept streets near the Jefferson Street station, and the umbrella of a cursing Irishman with adorable intonation.

“I doubt you’ll ever see this, but as cold and drenched as I was, it meant so much for you to kindly offer your umbrella.”

“Walking with you and your beautiful face and the way you said, ‘This is why I fookin left Dublin.’ I hope you survived the Nor’Easter and this is just a note to say I wish I’d gotten your name and asked you to go for a drink.”

“I would have but I was too elated by the moment and trying to decide if we’d walk better under the umbrella if I took your arm. You said, ‘See you later’ and it kind of made me believe you. Anyway, if you see this, I would love to know if you made it home ok.”

“XO — the girl with the red bandana.”

 baby, I’d cross third rails for you – m4w

Date: March 3

An artist with hopeless drawing skills caught a glimpse of a fair, red-coat maiden across the train tracks. He would do anything, just anything….to show her his screenplay.

“I’ve officially entered another level of crazy by posting here but…I don’t know what else to do nor do I trust serendipity too much.”

“I don’t know. I just thought you were impossibly beautiful and I wish I was on the other side of those tracks to say hello. I’m an artist but one thing I’m god-awful at is drawing, which is why you caught my attention. You know I considered going back upstairs to get onto your side of the tracks but I think that would’ve been creepy on my end haha.”

“If by some impossible chance you end up reading this, I’d love to grab some coffee with you! If you find me deplorable within the first 15 seconds of meeting then you could just whip out your notebook and I can shuffle off dejectedly into a corner to work on my screenplay while dying on the inside.”

 Faical-piercing gal seeks L Train Hottie with the Trevor Noah Nose – w4m

Date: March 4

A woman on Sunday caught a glimpse of her sweatpants savior. 

“On Sunday around 2-3 p.m. I sat across from you. I got on at Union Square and off at Lorimer. I had headphones in and was sitting alone, and had a hard time not staring.”

“We were both in athletic-type clothing. You: mixed race (maybe?) with thick quads and wearing all black with a Trevor Noah-ish nose and just all around absurdly handsome. Me: red hair, hand tattoos, leather jacket, wearing black joggers and patterned Nike kicks.”

“If you can tell me what facial piercing I have and how my hair is styled – I’d super love to see you again.”

 that dog-eared paperback – m4m 

Date: March 8

There’s nothing like a good L train screw-up to get you squished next to a beautiful stranger. 

“You were the handsome clean shaven white guy on the L train in a tan coat and hat around 6 p.m. reading.”

“The L train was all fucked up so we both got on at 14th St. and rode it back to 8th, me sitting down and you standing over me. You caught me staring at you a few times. Then finally once we were Brooklyn-bound, the person next to me left and you sat next to me real close, my arm on top of yours, and I could finally see what book you were reading.”

“When you finally got off, you looked back at me once as you got off the train then two or three times when you were on the platform. If you see this tell me what book you were reading and what stop you got off at. I’d love to meet again under different circumstances.”

 the crap shoot – m4m

Date: March 8

This man will take a cuddle buddy wherever he can find one: Bushwick, Ridgewood, Glendale, Middle Village. 

“Hi, I’m just regular straight guy who is looking for another straight guy who likes to sleep in the same bed with a buddy and cuddle a little. I always wanted to have friend for that. I live in Bushwick, and I’m 29 and a normal guy who has a job. If you see yourself in this description, if you are straight and young, please email me.”

So that’s all for this week of missed connections, Bushwick. If you have an incredible memory for strangers and think one of these posts is about you, leave us a comment — we want to pair you up with your missed connection!

Cover image courtesy of Nick Fewings

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