Andrew Tobia

Food & Drink Editor

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What can I say about doing brunch that I didn’t say last week? (Do we still say “do brunch”?)

It’s the meal between meals, the ideal meal to some people. It’s great for the late risers, the not-too-horribly hung over, for hobbits, and those who want to spend the last hours before returning to work for another week in a state of tasty intoxication.

You guys nominated a diverse, but tight, field of contenders — only half as many killer brunch spots were suggested as were last year.

We also unfortunately had to leave out one nomination — Tina’s was thrown into the ring but, while we love Tina’s, they do not offer a dedicated brunch menu and, as per the guidelines laid out during the nomination phase, do not qualify.

Our independence and integrity, on both journalistic and personal levels, are important to us at Bushwick Daily, which is why we do not accept payment or bribes of any sort in exchange for nominations or votes. Businesses that our readers nominate, however, are very welcome and even encouraged to brag about it to their customers and urge those same customers to vote for them.

We’d also like to note that our voting is monitored for fraudulent or otherwise suspicious voting by both sophisticated IP filtering software and real life human beings. So be on your best behavior and no funny business.

So, BDers — vote below for your favorite brunch spot for Best of Bushwick 2018!

Voting will end at 11:59 pm on Thursday, March 1.

Cover photo by Carissa Gan