Spank You Very Much: LUST Is a Consensual, Sexy Soiree Happening Tonight in Bushwick

Evan Haddad


A sensuous party meant to satisfy all of your appetites happens tonight in Bushwick.

LUST is a sexy soiree brimming with erotic art installations, consensual fun, and sultry performances. And it’s going down this evening at Lot 45 on Troutman Street.

Created by Abby Hertz, this party will probably quench every lustful thirst you’ve every felt; and with the exception of straight up banging some random, alluring stranger, (that isn’t allowed, at lest on the premises) most anything goes at the party. 

There will be private dungeons, violet-wand flogging, erotic ambient acrobatics, and a “sumptuous feast” served off of consensual human candelabras. In fact, party organizers assure us that everything at this party is consensual, despite descriptions of Clockwork Orange-style debauchery. 

According to organizers, “ALL touch between guests must have prior affirmative consent. Ask before you touch. Ask before entering anyone’s scene. Producer and venue reserve the right to have anyone escorted off premises that violate consent or to deny entry to anyone acting inappropriately.”

A couple of years back, we covered Lust with one of our photographers and got some incredible pics. If these are any indication, tonight is going to be a ball — and chain:

Tickets for midnight entry are still available and you can get them here. Just remember to wear formal, fetish, or creative dress to get in. No t-shirts or jeans, you filthy animals!

Cover image from the Bushwick Daily archives

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