Bushwick Gals and Guys, These L Train Missed Connections Might Be About You

Evan Haddad


Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, Bushwick. What better way to make a last-ditch effort to find love than by looking at some weird Craigslist personals just like we did last week. Hell, that’s what I would do.

Below are missed connections that all happened on the L train. To clarify things, we’ve done the original posters a service by checking and correcting their posts for intelligibility. 

 Dirty blond Beanie Babe 9:15 p.m. – W4M

Date: Feb. 7 

To kick things off, we have a self-described Asian woman who swooned over a dirty-blond hair and brown-beanie babe. And by beanie babe, here’s what she meant:

“You and I were both on the L train heading into Brooklyn, exchanging a lot of eye contact. You’re about 6’2″ – 6’4″, caucasian, dirty blonde-brown hair(I think), wearing a brown beanie, a navy-blue Marmot rain jacket, black jeans, and carrying a black-brown leather messenger bag. You also had those rectangular bluetooth headphones on. At one point, you offered to help pick up the papers that the man sitting next to me had dropped on the floor.”

“I (Asian) was wearing a long, olive green puffer coat, black workout pants, and magenta/purple trainers. Had my sweaty hair in a bun/pony tail. I got off at the Morgan stop.”

Asian? Yoga pants? The Morgan stop? I’m howling at the moon for you, Mr. Object of Missed Connections!

 Women on L train – m4w

Date: Feb. 7

Judging from the title, I guess I’m not the only one who suffers from “Just My Imagination Running Away With Me” syndrome.  

“It was in the evening on a Brooklyn-bound L train. You were in a red wool jacket with a knitted blouse under it. You had two bags. One looked like a computer and the other like your hand bag. I came in at Myrtle Ave. and sat right across from you a couple of stops before your stop. I was hoping we made eye contact so I could show my interest. Tell me what you were doing so I know it’s you.”

So red wool jacket gal, what could you have been doing on that train? Reading, doing something with your phone…trying NOT to look at the dude staring at you?

 My Eyes adored you – m4w

Date: Feb. 2

Like the Franki Valli song, this guy’s eyes adored you. And thankfully, he “never laid a hand on you.” 

“You had an oblong bag with you that was too much for the crowded train. I offered you a seat without seeing your face, and when you turned around your eyes burned right through me. Your beanie rested on your glasses. We exchanged a few glances, and you were smiling. I couldn’t help but smile too. My body was fluttering. I wish I sat next to you. I wish I had said something.”

Quick! Somebody get this guy an emotional support peacock!

 We looked at each other – m4m

Date: Feb. 2

And then we breathed. 

“I went out at Lorimer and you had a beard and were with some other guy. We looked at each other few times. You were wearing glasses. Hit me up please!”

 boy trying on leather jacket at L train vintage – w4m

Date: Feb. 2

This leather-clad young buck defended a puffy coat princess in line at a vintage store.

“You were trying on a black leather jacket at L Train Vintage and I told you it looked good. You said it was a bit big for you. But you bought it anyway. Some guy cut in front of me in line, but you told the cashier I was next. You had a skateboard; I had a big puffy orange coat. Would love to hang sometime.”

 Fur coat for a poet – m4W

Date: Feb. 1

This young poet fell in love with a Victorian secret of a different kind. 

“A poet sought good vibes, but couldn’t find them and moved on. You were tall, swathed in a massive fur coat. Like me, you have pale skin and black hair. We are kindred souls, and not just because we look like Victorian-era writers slowly dying from the consumption.”

“I can’t exactly explain the thing we share, but I think Bertolucci’s film ‘The Conformist’ lends some insight. I think we are meant to know one another.”

So that’s all for the pre V-Day missed connections, Bushwick. If you have an incredible memory for strangers and think one of these posts is about you, leave us a comment — we want to know how it feels to be so missed!

Cover image courtesy of Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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