How High and Drunk Is Bushwick? Here Are the Results of Our Survey

Evan Haddad


Last week, we surveyed our readers to find out just how intoxicated they were.

We asked how often (if ever) you used drugs, drank alcohol, or smoked cigarettes. We wanted to know what your favorite substances were, how they made you feel, and if you thought you had a problem.

Out of 1,056 unique visits to our survey, we received 520 partial or complete responses. The results to the questionnaire and the short-form answers we received showed us that yes, many of our readers who chose to respond indulge regularly in drinking and drugging. Have a look at some of the interesting numbers and testimonies below.







 Our short-answer question asked readers why they took substances. Here are some of the interesting replies:

“Are you kidding me? This ‘reality,’ or whatever you call it, demands it” – weed user

“My girlfriend and I Roll at house of yes and look for other couples to take back to our bushwick apartment :)” – psychedelics user

“I like drinking but i react really strongly to drugs and automatically go paranoid because i’m overly self conscious about everything and don’t like the loss of control” – booze user

“Gives me something to do” – coke user

“Cause I like how it makes me feel” – pain pills user

 When asked whether they thought they had a problem with addiction, the majority respondents said no. A small minority said they suffered from addiction to one of the drugs listed in our survey, but mostly said so in a joking way. 

If this survey or these results have made you reconsider whether you have a problem and need to get help, check out the directory for Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous in New York City.

Cover image courtesy of Jesse Orico 

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