A Wildy-Sensual Multimedia Tour Will Debut at a New Bushwick Art Space Tonight!

Evan Haddad


A wildly-sensual multimedia tour that has swept Europe and other parts of the world is stopping over tonight at a new art space in Bushwick. 

Non Grata, an Estonian performance group, will debut tonight from 8 p.m.-12 a.m. at Wild Embeddings at 173 Jefferson St. between Wilson and Central Avenue. The new venue is the latest offshoot of Wild Torus, an art duo that has delivered other experimental events to Bushwick in the past.

Non Grata is in town to showcase a never-before-seen print exhibition, with members from Estonia, Turkey, and Puerto Rico.

Among the very international group will be many different performers, including sex magicians, a Taiwanese rocker-turned female noisician, and an Estonian drink performer who will change the way you view the traditional toast.  

Wild Embeddings

 Body images courtesy of Wild Embeddings and cover image courtesy of Alyss Black

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