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Last weekend I watched “Practical Magic,” the classic witchy rom-com that stars Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The next day I interviewed one of seven women who make up Cult Party, and I couldn’t help but feel the stars had aligned. Cult Party, a new boutique, is on its way to 53 Waterbury St. in East Williamsburg, offering witchy, feminist goodness—a little something for everyone.

After a successful pop-up at the end of August, Cult Party will officially be opening its doors to the public on September 16 with a celebration you don’t want to miss. The extravaganza will start at 7 p.m. with the launch of the boutique’s Kickstarter campaign. The first 125 guests who donate $10 towards the campaign will receive a cup for complimentary drinks. 

How Cult Party Formed

More than a typical boutique, Cult Party is the brainchild of entrepreneur Debbie Allen, who dreamed up the concept. The resulting product is a female-run boutique headed up by seven women entrepreneurs.

Allen, who owns Hissy Fit Cvlt, came upon the idea to make Cult Party happen after a series of random (or possibly magical?) events. Five or six years ago, Allen hosted an unforgettable party, aptly dubbed Cult Party, at the now-closed Factory Studios in Bushwick. The name never left Allen, and more recently, when a friend happened to tell her about a storefront coming up for lease, Allen jumped on it.

“Everything fell into place and I went w[ith] it. I wasn’t thinking a storefront necessarily, but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it and the idea to run it as a feminist collective totally seemed to make sense,” Allen told Bushwick Daily.

To create her feminist-collective boutique, Allen rounded up six more women, who all met at various markets and shows around the city.

“I reached out to some women that were talented and badass and who I wanted to be around more, who I met doing markets and here we are,” Allen said.

The women who make up the collective, founded and represent the seven core brands that will be featured at Cult Party: 

»Debbie Allen, owner of Hissy Fit Cvlt

»Lindsey Ayala, owner of Bread x Butta

»Al Benkin, owner of Mutantland Art

»Mariya Davis, owner of Mariya Kelly Designs

»Taylar Hagan-Colyar, owner of Bela Noelle

»Alyssa Tanchajja, owner of Rose Wolf Collective

»Diana Pena, owner of Bottom Rocker

The female founders of Cult Party

What You’ll Get in the Witchy Space

Entrepreneur Taylar Hagan-Colyar, who started Bela Noelle Vintage, one of the brands that will be featured at Cult Party, was able to reveal a little more about what visitors can expect to find at Cult Party.

“It’s very witchy and…it’s kind of like a clubhouse to be honest,” Hagan-Colyar said.

Cult Party visitors can expect to find an array of feminist-inspired clothing, accessories, crystal jewelry, vintage clothing, art, and more. The boutique will also have a resident witch who will be available for Tarot card readings.

In addition to being a feminist collective and boutique, Cult Party will also be a dedicated event space.

“We are looking to do some entrepreneurship classes and all kinds of things, like even live music or art shows and things like that,” Hagan-Colyar said.

One event, coming up on September 23, will feature art by one of the collective’s members, Al Benkin, whose brand, Mutantland Art, is made up of eclectic painted pieces, woodworking, and plush toys, often dedicated and attributed to the likes of David Bowie and Frieda Kahlo.

Cult Party’s goal is to be a place where the aura is pure girl power, where women (and men) can be inspired by a diverse array of female leaders.

“It’s really supposed to be a representation of feminists and what women can do when they come together. And it’s a party because it’s…seven different brands that are on the verge, coming together under one roof,” Hagan-Colyar said.

And even more, Cult Party exists to create a space for the Bushwick community, especially for those who may not always feel like they have a place.

“Our goal is to really integrate our store to really be a pillar in the Bushwick community. Honestly, some of the girls have an interest in establishing somewhat of a safe haven for people that are a part of the LGBTQ community as well as teens that identify as teen witches,” Hagan-Colyar said.

A near-future goal of Cult Party is to partner with area women’s organizations or non-profits to regularly give back to the community. And Hagan-Colyar added that the growing Bushwick community is the perfect location for a community-building.

“It’s a pretty industrious area, but that’s kind of cool because that’s just how we are. We’re just regular people and we just have a dream and we can finally come together and make it an actual reality,” she said.

So make sure to come down to the opening-day extravaganza on September 16 at the Cult Party storefront. Events begin at 7 p.m., and the theme is “Girl Gang.” So bring all your girls (and guys) and enjoy a night of fashion shows, live music, a raffle contest, Tarot Card readings, and more, with an after party next door at The Anchored Inn

Cult Party will be open daily from noon–8 p.m on 53 Waterbury St. next to The Anchored Inn. 

Images courtesy of Cult Party.