Summers in Kathmandu Is a Pop-Up Festival Celebrating All Things Nepal

Magdalena Waz


While in Kathmandu has slowly been rolling out a progressively longer Nepali menu on busy Seneca Avenue in Ridgewood. But on Sunday, they’re adding something else to their bag of tricks: a pop-up festival showcasing Nepali music and crafts.

Summers in Kathmandu” will run from 1 to 6 p.m. on Sunday August 13. The primary focus will be three fairly new brands with roots in Nepal: Lhemi featuring handmade accessories and clothing; Leez & Ing launching their luxury jewelry line; and Stemp specializing in hemp-based clothing. 

The music will start at 3 p.m., and all of the artists represent a bourgeoning Nepali/Tibetan community growing in New York. Tenzing Doleck, one of the afternoon’s performers, recently released new music on YouTube

The enticing food menu includes pani puri, chatpate, kulfi & jhol momos, all Nepali classics you should put on your bucket list of bites to try.

Binson Shresta, one of the organizers and founder of Stemp, tells Bushwick Daily that they “not only hope to increase our brand following but also want to promote the culture, crafts and food of Nepal!”

Featured image courtesy of While in Kathmandu.

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