Magdalena Waz


After the explosion in popularity of adult coloring books, a slew of people came out of the woodwork to argue that art and similar hobbies decreased stress and increased happiness. And that is exactly how you’ll feel at Kings County Brewers Collective’s monthly Drink & Draw.

The informal event takes place on the third Thursday of every month at 7 p.m.—this month that’s this Thursday. And participants are encouraged to draw/color/doodle whatever their hearts desire. And if drawing is not an immediate selling point for you, KCBC also rewards doodlers with a dollar off their drafts while they’re doing it. 

Ella Laytham, the night’s organizer and art guru, says KCBC is a perfect place for drink & draw events because the “tables are big, and the lighting is much better for drawing than most bars.” In other words, you can actually see your masterpiece as it develops over the course of the evening. Laytham adds, “they let us spread out & make a mess.”

Some materials are provided every month, but if you have a favorite pencil or special paper, bring ’em down!

Casey Kreher, the brewery’s Taproom Commander, says “we want our taproom to be a place for people to gather and use as they need. Sometimes that means giving a platform to speak, sometimes that means giving a platform to draw.”

And if you haven’t been to KCBC yet, you’ll see how quickly it is to make yourself at home in the beautiful space. 

Featured image courtesy of KCBC