Magdalena Waz


Fans of HBO’s “Insecure” who were lucky enough to have their ears to the ground at the right place and the right time will be partying up on Sunday July 16 at House of Yes.

That is the date for what HBO calls “Hella Brunch,” a temporary tattoo, cocktail, brunch snack, and nail art bonanza to ring in the return of the show that was described by A.V Club as the “black female friendship-centered show we’ve been waiting for.”

The show is created by and stars Issa Rae, who rose to fame after the premiere of her web series “Awkward Black Girl,” which explored similar themes to “Insecure” all centered around the sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating day-to-day experiences of an African-American woman in the United States.

Even though the second season doesn’t premiere until July 23, lucky attendees at the House of Yes party will get to see the first episode one week early. No word on whether or not Rae herself will be making an appearance.

When we tried to sign up for a spot at the release brunch, we received this message: 

“Due to an overwhelming response, we’ve had to hit pause on RSVPs. But, enter your email to be added to the waitlist. We’ll let you know if any seats open up at HELLA BRUNCH…”

And on top of that, fans who did manage to snag an RSVP are not guaranteed entry, and our recommendation to you is to get well before the 12:00 p.m. start time for the event. If you want to be added to the waitlist along with us, click here.

This is not the first HBO event hosted by House of Yes. Earlier this year, “High Maintenance” filmed a Roman-inspired party there for its second season.

Fingers crossed for an official “Game of Thrones” party before the series meets its premature end!

Photo courtesy of HBO.