Katarina Hybenova


Dear friends of Bushwick and beyond, your solitary amateur witch is here to serve you a dose of celestial prophecy and of weekly events. 

To obtain the best of the best events, I perused Bushwick Daily community calendar where every good person may enter their events for free, and boy, do they enter a plethora! To obtain celestial info and predictions, I use my feelings and memories, because, well, I never said I was a pro-witch. Proceed at your own risk! 

This Wednesday, the summer solstice is upon us, which obvi is big for any witch, and it will be for you as well if I tell you that it is a day of abundance for everyone who is willing to get the hell out of their own way and simply open their arms to receive. According to a legend passed down by my ancestors in Slovakia, on the night of the summer solstice, which is also the shortest night of the year, the treasures hidden in forests literally spring from the ground and become visible to the ones who believes in them. So my advice is to go to a forest, or at least to Maria Hernandez Park in the night hours. You never know what you come across there. 

Now here are the events:

WEDNESDAY: New Rose, Poppies, Casey Golden at ALPHAVILLE

8-11:45 p.m., ALPHAVILLE, 140 Wilson Ave., Bushwick

On your way to or from Maria Hernandez Park where you’ll be looking for the above-mentioned treasures, stop by at Alphaville to see bands play. Alphaville is a damn good music venue, and this Wednesday they’ll present New Rose, Poppies, and Casey Golden. 

Thursday: Friends NYC X St. Kenia Tattoo Party

5-9 p.m., Friends NYC, 56 Bogart St., East Williamsburg

Friends NYC is a wonderful place to shop for clothes and knick-knacks to make you and your friends happy. This Thursday they have one of their shopping parties, and if you make a $10 purchase, you are eligible for a $20 tattoo by St. Kenia. Plus everything is 20 percent off. (Maybe that’s the treasure you’ve been looking for.)

THURSDAY: Bug Night at Enlightenment Wines

6:30-9 p.m., Honey’s, 93 Scott Ave., East Williamsburg

Honey’s, local winery and meadery is very serious about their wines. This Thursday they’ve invited New York Hall of Science to teach you about bugs and meads, which are honey-based wines in case you didn’t know. This event is free with a purchase of a drink and an RSVP! 

SATURDAY: Ridgewood Market’s Saturday Night Bazaar

5-11 p.m., Gottscheer Hall, 657 Fairview Ave., Ridgewood

Ridgewood has been teeming with artisans and artists, and you can find at least 40 of them vending at the night bazaar this Saturday. Held in in the historic ballroom of Gottscheer Hall, a German beer hall, this event is a must-go!

SATURDAY: Babadook: Queer Horror Stories

8-10 p.m., Tilt, 248 McKibbin St., East Williamsburg

Similar to Moth expect a lot scarier and a lot gayer, Queer Horror Stories this Saturday will celebrate Pride month with an LGBTQ icon and Fire Island cast member The Babadook. Scary stories by: Ryan Houlihan, John Ersing, and more. Karaoke follows. 

Saturday: Water Spirits

7 p.m. till late, Founders Lab, 972 Metropolitan Ave., East Williamsburg

Salon series Spirits on Spirits have teamed up with dance party Watershed and the result is a magical night of astrology, poetry, video art, and dancing. 

You will be able to have your tarot cards looked into and your chakras balanced as well! 

Cover Photo: Alberto Restifo