New Art Show Brings Even More Cats to Bushwick

Magdalena Waz


Here at Bushwick Daily, we know that after a Friday afternoon of watching cat videos, the best way to continue feeling those vibes is to attend the opening of an art show featuring our favorite pets as a major component.

Well, this time we’re in luck because Hiroki Otsuka’s show, “Men and Cats,” will have its opening tonight, May 26 at Brooklyn Wayfarers at 7 p.m. and will be on view through June 11. 

The artist pairs traditional depictions of cats with images of men some on paper and others on the undersides of skateboards in poses associated with shibari, a Japanese form of bondage first used as punishment and then as erotic practice. 

Organizers explain that “the art of shibari quickly took an erotic turn, both in practice and in art. It appeared in woodblock print illustrations from the 17th to 19th century, and is also popular in present-day erotic manga. The cat, similarly, appears throughout Japanese art and pop culture – from depictions of the 11th century novel ‘The Tales of Genji’ to the brightly colored worlds of Hello Kitty and Neko Atsume.”

Through this unlikely combination “Otsuka hopes the viewer can find moments of unexpected joy – the tame meets the untamed, the erotic meets the adorable, old traditions meet new.”

See you tonight, Bushwick!

Featured image courtesy of Hiroki Otsuka.

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