Magdalena Waz


Record Store Day is upon us yet again, and in addition to giving you an opportunity to snag some rare, new vinyls, the sort-of holiday brings us out to the fantastic local record shops dotting Bushwick and the surrounding neighborhoods.

The first Record Store Day was held back in 2007 to highlight the good work that independent stores do year round to bring music to the masses. Participating stores throw parties, invite bands to perform live sets, and sell rare Record Store Day releases by big and tiny acts alike. This ten year anniversary edition of the holiday is sure to be a big one. 

Visit any of the stores below to see what kind of gems you can dig up from the stacks. We’ve got our fingers crossed for some Prince and a Space Jam soundtrack. 

Image courtesy of Vinyl Fantasy.

 Vinyl Fantasy//194 Knickerbocker Ave.

This postage stamp of a store contains comic books, records, and other rarities. Their small size definitely means they won’t get getting a full slate of RSD releases, but call or stop in today to see if you can’t get a hint as to what tomorrow may hold. 

Image courtesy of Material World.

 Material World//184 Noll St.

Last year, this record store reopened under the new name Material World. If you’re looking for music on the louder side, they have a great selection of hardcore and metal albums. 

Image courtesy of Superior Elevation.

 Superior Elevation//100 White St.

In addition to celebrating RSD, the White Street store is celebrating its two year anniversary with DJ sets all day and a 25 cent record sale. There’s nothing better than digging through those special bins to find your new favorite LP.

Image courtesy of Rebel Rouser.

 Rebel Rouser//867 Broadway 

The Punk Alley mainstay moved to a larger space back in February so expect even more room to browse for rarities. While they aren’t on the list of official RSD participants, shopping for your favorite vintage music, movies and pop culture is totally in keeping with the spirit of the event.

Image courtesy of Northern Lights.

 Northern Lights//21 Lawton St.

This record shop boasts a strong collection of used R&B, Soul and Hip Hop albums at a great price. It’s your best bet if this year’s crop of special releases is not your cup of tea and you’re looking for something even more unique.