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“High Maintenance” is a show about a weed delivery guy and the people he visits throughout Brooklyn, and it’s particularly fitting that the hit HBO series is shooting portions of its next season in and around Bushwick on 4/20. 

Yesterday, Dr. Lisa Levy, host of “Dr. Lisa Gives a Shit” on Radio Free Brooklyn, ran into star and creator Ben Sinclair on the street and has the photographic evidence to prove it.

“I saw the signs and I saw them setting up on Siegel Street,” Dr. Lisa told Bushwick Daily. “I walked past that little park on White Street, and he was just standing there in a bathrobe with an assistant and no one else. There was no one in the park, and he was just standing there right by the entrance…He was genuinely nice and flattered.”

And what’s more is that they’re shooting all over the neighborhood, so you might get a chance to see the cast and crew yourself.

Love the #irony of #highmaintenance shooting in the hood on #4/20 #bushwick @bushwickdaily #weed

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If you have a car in the neighborhood, your parking options around Flushing Avenue may be quite limited overnight and into the morning since both Knickerbocker Avenue and Jefferson Street are on the list of tomorrow’s shooting locations.

Featured image courtesy of HBO.