By Katarina Hybenova

Bushwick-based non-profit for collaborative arts, Norte Maar, is currently finishing their works on a new ballet, The Brodmann Areas. New ballet explores the relationship between human brain and human mind; ventures into neuroscience and delves into it through dance. Loyal to its mission to collaborate across the arts, Norte Maar’s Jason Andrew (production) and Julia Gleich (choreography) invited several visual and sound artists to contribute their ideas and their art. As a result of the broad collaboration, The Brodmann Areas is a gracious hybrid between dance, video and sound art.  Julia Gleich told us that the concept of the ballet was born through the talks with several Bushwick artists that included Paul D’Agostino, Roarke Menzies, Andrew Hurst, Audra and Margo Wolowiec, Dennis Pelli, Lawrence Swan among others, and naturally Jason Andrew. The ballet is musically produced by composer Ryan Francis.

On Friday morning, I attended the rehearsal of the ballet in progress at the Center for Perfomance Research in Williamsburg in an attempt to capture its essence and several photographs. The dance was beautiful, and to observe Julia Gleich’s collaborative approach to creation of choreography is always fascinating.

The Brodmann Areas is a unique collaborative endeavor created from Bushwick that should not be missed on your social diary!  The ballet premiers this Thursday, April 12 at 7:30pm at the Center for Performance Research and will continue through Sunday. The tickets are only $25 ($20 if you’re a student or a senior) and can be purchased here.