Today, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive clip from “Bushwick,” the action-thriller we’ve all been hotly anticipating since it shot on location late in 2015. And in just four days, it may become a runaway indie hit as it premieres at Sundance, only one of the biggest film festivals in the world.

The plot hits a little too close to home in more ways than one as it presents a fictional world in which Brittany Snow finds herself emerging from the subway (probably the L at Morgan or Jefferson) to find there’s a battle being waged right in her neighborhood of Bushwick. Thankfully, wrestler Dave Bautista helps her out and together they learn that Texas is using New York as a literal battleground to force Congress into accepting a secession. 

As the anonymous mercenary in the clip says, the seceding states are fighting for “the right to live [their] lives the true American way.” Ouch.

As other commenters have already pointed out, much of the cramped kitchen set in the clip is realistic down to the brick and kitschy artwork; it only stumbles a bit with the full-sized washer and dryer in the corner.

You can check out some stills of Bushwick being blown up here

And if for some reason, you find yourself in Park City, checking out “Bushwick,” drop us a line and let us know what you thought!

Photo: Behind the scenes shot of “Bushwick” courtesy of the Bushwickmovie Instagram.