Cristin Noonan

Food and Local Business Editor


Do your part to support the victims and families that were affected by the tragic fire that broke out at Oakland’s DIY artists warehouse Ghost Ship for the event Brooklyn Loves Oakland, held at House of Yes (2 Wyckoff Avenue) tonight!

The late night event, which starts at  11 p.m. tonight and lasts until 4 a.m., will be collecting donations at the door as well as a small percentage of their bar sales to stand in solidarity with Oakland.

Roughly 25 artists hosted shows and parties out of Ghost Ship, an underground warehouse in Oakland that had been previously slapped with several code violations and originally leased under pretenses it was a work space, and recently shed a ton of light on how we view and understand these creative albeit illegally run havens after a tragic fire killed over thiry people, which is why House of Yes, a formerly DIY-run venue from Williamsburg, is the perfect space for you to show your love for Oakland.

Brooklyn Loves Oakland will embody everything that DIY spaces are cherished for and will include djs, aerial performances and dancers, beauty stations, and  “everything else we can pull together to make this night incredible.” Some featured artists include Be Svendsen, Lovecraft, Daniel Cowel, playsuit, and Saqib.

A very special FIRE-ED class taught by Tara Mc Manus in the Onyx room will gear itself towards those involved in the Bushwick DIY scene on how to properly fire-proof their spaces, covering topics ranging from “how buildings burn, ventilation, extinguishers, escape plans, fire guards, common combustible hazards, flameproofing textiles and other materials, and more.”

Have your night at House of Yes tonight, Bushwick, and consider donating what you can to help support the families and victims affected by the Oakland warehouse fire.

Featured image courtesy of House of Yes Instagram of Tara Mc Manus.