Bushwick, land of web series and murals, has given us another one of the former. “What is Love?” is a short series created by a Bushwick native who felt underrepresented in the current crop of television offerings.

Christine Suero, lifelong Bushwick resident, and Filipa Rodrigues, fairly recent transplant, wanted to “showcase Bushwick at it’s finest, where old Brooklyn meets the new.”

When I asked about their past experience, the filmmakers noted that past opportunities did not always exist for women like them. “We decided to not wait for Hollywood and create our own opportunities in hopes of paving new pathways for women.”

“The only way to change the landscape of media is to be the women, minorities and unique voices to step up to the plate and birth new narratives.”

The web series itself doesn’t dwell on the kind of visibility it provides to less visible narratives. Instead, the two main characters live regular lives, albeit heightened ones which poke fun at the many contradictions people embody every day.

Suero and Rodrigues point to the contradictions themselves, describing “What is Love?” as a show about a “very tongue in cheek kind of humor…where educated, modern women workout in sunglasses, procure psychics or have an incredibly dramatic scene over a pair of shoes.”

The first two episodes are up on YouTube, and subsequent episodes will be released every Sunday at 11 a.m. Subscribe to receive news regarding a special viewing party in December.

Here’s the teaser: