Bushwick is no stranger to independent film production, whether its short films, features, or television shows. Couple that with New York’s status as a world-class comedy town, and you’ll find that the only logical outcome is an avalanche of comedic web series.

“Katy in the Bush” takes place in Bushwick and presents an absurd version of living in the neighborhood. Katy Berry, writer and star, says she chose Bushwick as a location because she “love[s] its offbeat, unpretentious energy. It’s gritty and colorful, which I think matches Katy’s character.”

Take a look at episode one below, which deals with the problem of having less money than your friends in a decidedly quirky way and will speak to those who juggle social obligations and gas bills regularly.

On the whole, it takes shows time to find their voice, and this one is mostly on its way to developing a fresh tone–setting aside the opening credits, which are very reminiscent of “Louie.”

The web series has already received some recognition in the form of screenings at the 2016 NYC Web Fest and Chain Film Festival, which means it’s an Amy Poehler away from becoming the next “Broad City.”

Featured image: still from Ep. 2, “Katy and the King” courtesy of Katy Berry.