In a small East Williamsburg studio, there is a group of artists who will engrave anything. Seriously: leather, glass, wood, you name it. And they don’t deal in run of the mill personalization projects, like a name or an anniversary date. They delight in challenges. They’ll put a detailed map of Brooklyn on a glass tumbler, if you wanted— Or a photo of your dog on a leather wallet, you weirdo.

The team at Brooklyn Engraving Co. has set up shop inside the Stewart Street location of the Bushwick Brush Studios. The three-man team works in a space smaller than a Manhattan studio apartment, but their business is growing at a staggering pace.

Between the three coffee-fueled members of the team, the company has the will and the means to work both days and nights, and has recently filled massive orders for brands like Estee Lauder and Anthropologie.

Their flagship brand, Iron & Glory, is the company’s bread and butter. Under that name, they make all manner of giftable trinkets, such as dice, combs, and tiny, zippo-style lighters in pill bottles using brass, steel, and copper.

Their biggest sellers are their octopus-engraved domino set and a striking skull bottle stopper.

But the real artistry happens under the name the Brooklyn Engraving Co. The team uses state-of-the-art machinery to craft unbelievably detailed pieces.

Owner Richard Brandt tells Bushwick Daily that one client commissioned a project featuring a chapter’s worth of words on one side of a flask. Even Brandt was surprised to find it could be done.

Think of an engraving that seems impossible, send them a message and be blown away by the work they do.

After all, gifting season is coming up… get something for yourself.

All images courtesy of Brooklyn Engraving Co.