Bushwick resident Jay Winston Gill, also known as Jay Awesome of NBC’s Mysteries of Laura, will debut his first musical comedy, the irreverent Bible-inspired show “Let There Be Stuff,” at East Williamsburg’s Studio 301 NYC, starting Thursday, November 3 at Studio 301 NYC at 8 p.m.

A retelling of six of the most famous stories from Genesis, “Let There Be Stuff” is a cheeky satire that will likely strike a chord for those among us who don’t consider the Bible to be purely factual information.

“I strongly encourage anybody who loves to laugh and doesn’t fear eternal damnation to come out, have a drink, and laugh themselves silly,” advises Gill.

Let There Be Stuff official flyer

A wearer of many hats, Gill wrote, directed, co-produced with Zac Darvish (owner of Newtown), and will star in the role of God in his absurd retelling of the first book in King James. The production covers many of the hits: The Garden of Eden, Cain and Abel, Noah and the Ark, The Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah, and Father Abraham. “It’s done with just a hint of blasphemy,” he explains.

This is not the first time that Gill has retold religious scriptures ridiculously. “Over the course of filming “Devour,” [a dark film Gill also starred in, directed by local filmmaker Malik Conard-Sow] I would tell random Bible stories,” he says.

This pastime led Gill to launch The Bible Abridged podcast, a condensed version of most of the Protestant Bible, a serious tone of a book (it spans 271 pages in its Amazon book form).

Gill’s interest in the Bible as fodder for comedy originated in his very religious upbringing. “I was raised in an evangelical/Pentecostal/Messianic Jewish/Zionist Church/Community/Cult, depending on whom you ask,” he explains.

His knack for storytelling can be witnessed in his daily interactions. It can capture the attention of anybody around him—on recent occasions, his act was an instant hit at The Original NYC Talent Show, a weekly showcase at Bushwick bar and venue The Footlight (this reporter is a longtime acquaintance and sometimes coworker of Gill’s).

Other Bushwick talent also appears in “Let There Be Stuff,” including Pine Box Rock Shop Manager Alec Stephens III (as Adam, Noah, and Abraham), Malik Conard-Sow (as Snake, Lot, and Abimelech ), Zuri Terrell (Lot’s Daughter, Ensemble), Dan Ricker (music director), and Amanda Mercado (Potential Convert).

Additionally, Ridgewood resident Kareem Woods is the musical’s choreographer, and Bed Stuy resident Taylor Garron will play Eve and Hagar (Delighfully, Garron is an alum of the children’s television show “Zoom”).

Gill anticipates that his work as a performer will continue to include his riffs on his faith, or lack thereof. He notes that he definitely has enough material from the experience of turning away from the church to create a story—Perhaps a one man show? Time will tell!

Whether your sense of humor is refined, crass, or just plain weird, don’t miss “Let There Be Stuff!”

The show kicks off on Thursday, November 3 and runs through Saturday, November 19.

Tickets are $18, and are available online here.

Other showtimes include: November 4 (8 p.m.), November 5 (4 and 8 p.m.), November 10 (8 p.m.), November 11 (8 p.m.), November 12 (4 and 8 p.m.), November 17 (8 p.m.), November 18 (8 p.m.), November 19 (4 and 8 p.m.).

Featured image: Jay Winston Gill, also known as Jay Awesome. Photo by Marie McCracken McKowen and used with permission by Bushwick Daily.