“As altered foods nudge human devolution towards global corporate apocalypse, a grunge frontman reluctantly joins with a mysterious fallen K-pop bassist to generate buzz in Brooklyn, but when a cougar producer brainwashes them to spawn a reggae pop sound, they catalyze a movement on the Web which will resurrect The Grand Zombie.”

So reads a description of “Simbi_Zombies,” a bizarre, new independent “digital entertainment experiment” which debuts next month at the 10th annual KAFFNY Third Culture Cinema festival at an October 17th screening in DUMBO.

Tareq Almulaifi, one of the partners who produced the film, tells Bushwick Daily that to shoot in the neighborhood, the filmmakers “set up a stage in the backyard of the Mckibben Lofts and did a scene there where we had quite a few residents join us as extras. We also did a full day of filming at La Luz studios, and shot in the basement of the Lonewolf.”

“As a producer on set [who is also] a Bushwhick resident, I had to call on my friends in the area to help out. Whether it was securing a location we needed to film at, people lending us instruments, or showing up on set because we needed extras, our friends in the Bushwhick community really came through and helped make this movie possible,” Almulaifi explains.

The film’s premier is scheduled for┬áMonday, October 17th, 6:30PM at the Made in NY Media Center by IFP at 30 John Street in DUMBO; tickets free and are available here.

Check out the trailer below:

SIMBI_ZOMBIES TRAILER from Hoffstot Sound & Pictures on Vimeo.