P2P filesharing was how most of us discovered our favorite bands, possibly with little to no understanding of what the P2P part actually entailed. This Saturday, August 20, see two artists, Salome Asega and Dyani Douze, team up at Knockdown Center with world champion Floyd Little Double Dutch Team to explore the metaphors between file sharing online and communication between humans.

Organizers describe the collaboration briefly and beautifully: “In the world of double dutch, jumpers and turners form a similar internal network of communication, resulting in new forms of empathy and a hyperawareness of each other’s’ movements and wellbeing.”

Extended metaphor aside, watching double dutch can be a hypnotic experience, and Knockdown Center provides a majestic backdrop for the performance and a veritable acoustic playground for Douze, the sound artist.

Vanessa Thilll of Knockdown Center adds: “The performance itself is a special choreography created with the team, sound artist and co-curator of the MAMI exhibition at large, Dyani has composed a special soundtrack and will also be manipulating live sound during the piece. Salome Asega, one of the exhibiting artists (her works on view include an afrofuturist diving suit and underwater VR experience) has created custom gear for the jumpers, including shoes that light up on impact, and clothing with sensors that will light up in tandem with their heartbeats and jumping rhythms.”

Tickets are 10 dollars and the show is at 7 p.m (the time on the poster below is incorrect).

All images courtesy of Knockdown Center.