Some of us are still mourning the loss of Palisades and Anchored Inn, are bummed about Secret Project Robot’s big move, or may be generally feeling a disruption in our respective nightlives. But this is Bushwick we’re talking about, remember?

Introducing Bed Stuy’s (close enough) newest experimental art space: The Glove. The Glove held their soft opening in the first couple weeks of June.

Brought to us by members of Bohemian Grove, The Glove defines itself differently from its older sibling and is a theater, gallery, and multimedia art space, in addition to it also being a concert venue. Though it’s technically located in Bed Stuy, The Glove is situated smack dab in between the Kosciusko and Gates J subway stops and is conveniently within a short walk from Bohemian Grove.

Go check it out, Bushwick!


The Glove

Experimental art space located in Bed Stuy.

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