The heat in Bushwick did not keep the fashion crowd indoors. Instead, it seemed that people gathered their crews together and braved the heat to hit up rooftops, bars and even the beach. Some of these fashion squads looked like they were about to drop the hot album of the summer in their complimentary ensembles. What is the collective noun for a fashion squad I wonder – a Lagerfeld of Fashionistas? A Drama of Fashionistas? A Flounce of Fashionistas!? In any case, they were everywhere! Check them out here:

This girl squad is totally rocking the ’90’s grunge vibe. I especially love the slip dress worn over a t-shirt – very Clueless-chic.

These two have the black and white and red thing going on. I love how they accessorized with a group of Bushwick boys!

These two appear to be styling up a very similar top in two different ways. One chose floral, the other stripes. Both #winning.

Again with the 90’s vibes. Why does the song “We’re the kids in America” keep going round in my head? These kids look like they just stumbled out of a Vogue shoot.

These monochrome mavens look chic in their black, white and denim.