By Katarina Hybenova

I have grown fond of the gallery at the very end of the hallway at 56 Bogart. Interstate Projects were founded in March 2011 by artist Tom Weinrich. Tom, who has a wood shop and a studio next door, has almost effordlessly put together noticeable art shows, one after another. The gallery space focuses on young, emerging artists and works to connect artists and ideas from across the country. Tom says he likes to give space to recent MFA graduates looking for community. In October, Tom gave the 1st solo show to Jesse McLean, who got her MFA in Moving Image from University of Illinois at Chicago, and it was very successful. This strong video exhibition that investigated trust, presence and the deceptive nature by showing a detail of facial expression of people doing trust falls, was featured as critic’s pick in Artforum.

The sunny space of Interstate Projects changes its look radically with every new opening. On Friday night, I went to check out the most recent art show at Interstate Projects featuring Kevin Lips’ sculptures and Mason Saltarrelli’s works on paper. I was enchanted by the amorphous shapes of Lips’ sculptures that interact with each other and build off themselves. Saltarrelli’s work on paper feature mixture of images that were found and imagined. The works of both artists communicate together in a very interesting manner. Through color, and secret alliance of materials, perhaps….

The exhibition of the works by Kevin Lips and Mason Saltarrelli runs until February 25. Go, check it out, when coming from the Morgan L train stop.