Perhaps it’s the influence of the rainbow bagel, but this week the streets of Bushwick were alive with color. Patterns mixed with spots, oranges clashed with pinks and even a peacock with a manicure made an appearance. Enjoy, fashionistas!

Check out this darling in matching separates and primary colored accessories:

These pants are literally a work of art. Jealous!

Here’s Lettice LaMendola in hot pink:

This fashionista taking pattern clashing to new heights is fashion industry pro Slanty Panty, aka Slantasia:

Loving the earthy vibe of this dress:

Check out this beautiful handmade turban on a gorgeous fashion designer. “I made it out of leftover scraps of fabric after I finished a dress,” she tells Bushwick Daily.

Here’s Bushwick artist Ventiko by the Jefferson stop, grabbing an iced coffee with her pet peacock, Dexter. She was sporting a neon moo moo. Comfy and fabulous.

Check out Dexter’s manicure!

Jenna’s outfit may be black, but her hair is neon.

Her gold accessories were on point.

And finally, here’s little Priseis, rocking her skinnies and sneakes. That hat is everything. A fashionista in the making!

See you on the street, Bushwick! Love, Ruthie Darling!

Photos 1 & 2 by Denton Taylor; all other photos by Ruthie Darling.