Via Reddit user Kybarnet.

Bright blue signage that sits above Mr. Kiwi’s and the recently reopened Market Hotel, which is also directly in front of the Manhattan bound platform of the Myrtle Ave-Broadway station on the J, M and Z trains, loudly proclaims the artist’s commitment to the cause of ending mass incarceration—and reminds the straphanging public that one democratic senator from Vermont wants to achieve that goal.

“Bernie Sanders for President” and “End Ma$$ Incarceration” are the two halves of the piece, which is a stark contrast to traditional campaign advertising like lawn signs.

Bushwick Daily has reached out to Market Hotel, which is currently using an image of the mural as the venue’s banner image on its Facebook page, for additional information about the art, the artist, and the project’s affiliations and will update with that information when it is received.