A still from Los Sures.

Those who were familiar with Williamburg’s south side in decades past have been known to find the neighborhood unrecognizable in recent years. It’s hard to blame them, as it’s hard to find a more salient example of the effects of rapid hyperdevelopment in Brooklyn. As such, the 1984 documentary “Los Sures, which was recently remastered for its 30th anniversary and is currently showing at Metrograph on the Lower East Side, is a remarkable document for anyone curious about the neighborhood’s past long before Starbucks franchises fought community boards for liquor licenses there and Whole Foods, Anthropologie and J. Crew were all staking claims to local real estate—all of which Bushwick residents may well find fascinating.

This year, local community centered documentary film project UnionDocs has produced “Living Los Sures,” the follow up documentary that builds on the narrative thread of the original film. Check out the trailer for that one here, as well:

Living Los Sures Trailer from UnionDocs on Vimeo.

Well worth a watch!!