In Bushwick’s

Swallow Café

, I would see him every now and then.  With a serious face,

Dolan Morgan

of Bushwick’s writers collective


would often read a thick book there, work on what appeared to be his debut novel or just stare at a ceiling in the most intellectual fashion. I would pass by, nod in order to greet the master but not to stir the invisible circles surrounding this young talented mind. “Oh, Morgan, Morgan, may your brilliance be blessed,” I would think to myself….

Now it’s obvious that my hopes for a masterpiece were fulfilled. Dolan was working on something tremendous, indeed! This young, talented writer created an ebook, nowadays available for purchase on for only $2.99. [quote]Here are some absolutely useless reviews of completely meaningless (but wonderful) places in the world, accompanied by absolutely horrible illustrations[/quote]  … says the description of the ebook on amazon.

Naturally, I couldn’t miss out and rushed to purchase the said ebook. Soon enough, my kindle cloud was floating with many educational reviews of various google places that I don’t plan to go to. Nor does Dolan.

But wait that’s not the end of it. The best part is how Dolan handles the funds received from the sales of his lovely literary piece.  He throws them in vain in different places, takes picture of it and posts it on his blog.

Like the $2.99 from me ended up in a stream somewhere in Connecticut. Look:

I can imagine what you’re thinking right now.  “What is it good for? Why should we let somebody else throw away our money?” But the truth is that it’s an extremely liberating feeling seeing your money go…. go somewhere far, while you are sitting with a laptop in your lap, just typing in your credit card digits to your browser. Isn’t it like something we all do always. You buy useless stuff online, and money goes… Well, try it and let me know how it felt…