Image Courtesy of My Sweet

A super sweet shop just opened up at 57 Porter Ave, and it’s guaranteed to make your mouth water.

My Sweet specializes in brigadeiro, a confection that’s popular in Brazil and Portugal. These bite-sized artisanal candies are made from condensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter. The resulting fudge-like caramel concoction is either rolled up into little balls and covered in sprinkles or served warm as a spread or drizzle.

Proprietor Paula Barbosa founded My Sweet in 2011, but this is the business’ first retail location. Barbosa moved in to 57 Porter Ave (between Harrison Place and Grattan Street, across the street from Vietnamese restaurant Falansai) in December, originally planning on using the new space solely for production: she soon recognized the potential for the sun-soaked storefront and recently opened it as a shop and cafe.

Barbosa uses high quality, all natural ingredients in her brigadeiro, resulting in a delicious, handmade final product. The shop sells them by the piece or box, and brigadeiro spread by the jar. Also on offer: coffee and Tres Leches Brigadeiro an ice cream that’s a collaboration between Barbosa and Haagen-Dazs.

Candy lovers, head over and indulge in a delicious Brazilian treat that seems likely to be a new Bushwick favorite!

Image courtesy of Suzanna Heldring for Bushwick Daily

My Sweet is located at 57 Porter Ave between Grattan St & Harrison Place. Tel: 347-689-4402 Hours: TBD. Follow My Sweet on Facebook and Instagram for updates.