“Scriptive Formalities” by Paul D’Agostino opens Friday (Image courtesy of Life on Mars)

We’re coming back from an uncommon first month of art in 2016. Outstripping the usual art world happenings, Lisa Levy’s performance “The Artist is Humbly Present” took place at Christopher Stout Gallery (CSGNY), wherein the art of the ‘gaze’ triumphed over all. It felt daring to stare into the artist’s eyes as she stared back, challenging you and the surrounding onlookers. Another daring set of works will take their place this Friday at CSGNY with “Neither Coincidence, Nor Destiny” (he claims not destiny, but somehow it feels meant to be).

Of considerable note is Paul D’Agostino’s solo show at Life on Mars, where the artist will bare his practice’s origins through two divergent bodies of work. Amos Eno Gallery’s recent move to 56 Bogart sets the lower level up for a “Blood Moon” viewing, and there’s more to see from Space B and Anthony Philip Fine Art, as well as our recommendations for the weekend gallery hours.


#1 “Scriptive Formalities” @ Life on Mars (FRI 6-9 PM)

56 Bogart Street

Paul D’Agostino’s Â̂, 2016 in “Scriptive Formalities” (Image courtesy of Life on Mars)

His writings on Brooklyn art have resounded across artistic communities like visual poetry in the L Magazine, Brooklyn Mag and within his site for Centotto. Now the devoted studio practice, writings, teachings, curations and gallery showings form an artistic sum for Paul D’Agostino in “Scriptive Formalities,” opening Friday night at Life on Mars Gallery. For his third solo exhibition here, Life on Mars is showcasing two bodies of work from Paul’s recent set of pieces, their shared origins meeting in language, translation and narrative.

Paul’s artist talk happens Saturday, February 13th at 3 pm.


#2 “Neither Coincidence Nor Destiny” @ Christopher Stout Gallery (FRI 6-9 PM)

299 Meserole Street

Installation shot: Josh Kil’s

Casual, perfectly ambiguous, yet somehow meant to be, “Neither Coincidence Nor Destiny” brings a new grind to Christopher Stout Gallery, New York (GSGNY). Opening Friday with new sculptural and video works by represented artist Josh Kil, we’ll be faced with  ceremonial and ritualistic magic, tarot, and the occult. Josh Kil’s installation (see preview above)  tells a narrative loosely based on mysticism, dreams and his own upbringing. Described as “the dream state journey of a man who finds what he believes is his perfect love,” this leads to a birth that is both the offspring of the relationship and the reincarnation of the artist.


#3 “Blood Moon” @ Amos Eno Gallery (FRI 7-9 PM)

56 Bogart Street

(Image courtesy of Amos Eno Gallery)

If you haven’t been yet to Amos Eno Gallery’s new location on the lower level of 56 Bogart, Nancy Elsamanoudi’s “Blood Moon” has the right ominous ring to it for the weekend. A play on the relationship between the primal and the civilized, a further play of possibilities takes place among the paintings. Here, biomorphic and suggestively figurative forms mix with curvilinear lines and calligraphic elements, their forms simultaneously masked and exposed, concealed and revealed.


#4 “Art Guerra: Recent Works” @ Anthony Philip Fine Art (FRI 6-9 PM)

56 Bogart Street

Epsilon Blue (16.6) by Art Guerra (Image courtesy of Anthony Philip Fine Art)

Where exotic pigments, glass beads and shredded rubber form light, the unanticipated is the desired result for Art Guerra, whose unusual materials make an appearance in the newest show at Anthony Philip Fine Art. As temporal agents for light, these materials are what give off the painterly affect. They also serve as collaborator, changing and creating new perceptions for the audience with every viewing.


#5 “DISORDER + BLISS” @ Space B (FRI 7-9 PM)

229 Cook Street, upper level

Christopher Mir, Spider Web from “”Disorder + Bliss” (Image courtesy of Space B)

Set just above ODETTA Gallery on Cook Street, Space B will exhibit a new group show with Steve DiGiovanni, Christopher Mir and Jason Mones. “DISORDER + BLISS” seems to say, we like it this way, and again, it feels meant to be. Meanwhile, The Backroom Gallery of Space B will feature works by Margaret Roleke, Joseph Fucigna and ODETTA gallerist Ellen Hackl Fagan.


What To See During Weekend Gallery Hours

“Subcurrent” @ Galerie Manqué (FRI-SUN 1-6 PM)

56 Bogart Street

B. Thom Stevenson “Curfew 2” in “Subcurrent” (Image courtesy of Galerie Manqué)

It’s the start of Galerie Manqué’s second year at the pop-up location inside 56 Bogart, where the current show “Subcurrent” is running. Involving subcultural motifs and symbols in a kind of free-floating image bank of works, the realm of DIY and cut-and-paste reflect each participating artists’ subculture. Nina Hartmann, Kelsey Henderson, Andy Mister, Chris Oh, Tamara Santibanez and B. Thom Stevenson are featured here through February 14th.


“Master’s Chambers” @ Interstate Projects (SAT-SUN 12-6 PM)

66 Knickerbocker Avenue

Installation shot – Sydney Chen, “Masters Chambers” (Image courtesy of Interstate)

A grand piano described for its “reverberation within the mechanical viscera,” a bathroom sink holding a delicate flower, and an unlikely grade-school restroom stall currently stand among Interstate Projects’ upper and lower gallery levels. Having opened on January 15th, Sydney Shen’s “Master’s Chambers” brought intriguing morbidity to a range of everyday structures; the refuse and roses still litter the floor through February 21st.