Weekend Squad Goals: Catch One of These Four Art Shows With Your Main Crew

Art viewers inside Life on Mars Gallery at 56 Bogart (Photo by Katie Killary)

While rooftop hangs are becoming a thing of the past and “Netflix and Chill” is too played out on insta, use this weekend to simply come through with the main crew. And since we’re talking about the Bushwick ‘hood, it is likely you’ll receive a Facebook invite to these weekend art openings. Convene with the whole squad on Friday and Saturday night before the “Sunday Scaries” kick in, or at least before Monday when you literally can’t even…

#1 “cult of the fall” @ Honey Ramka (FRI 6-9 PM)

56 Bogart Street

“cult of the fall” opens Friday (image courtesy of Honey Ramka)

Ritual behaviors guide the works of Lars van Dooren in “cult of the fall,” opening Friday at Honey Ramka. Alongside these rituals, objects act as catalysts within an installation of symbolic elements and environments. The installation’s fragments are positioned on the floor and embellished to create a foundation for continued growth, with a smoke- and incense-filled glass hovering above. In this way, “cult of the fall” bears marks and traces of van Looren’s studio space, with hazy evocations of private ritual.


#2 “Scared of Dying” @ NURTUREart (FRI 7-9 PM)

56 Bogart Street, lower level

Dustin London’s “Scared of Dying” opens Friday (image courtesy of NURUTREart)

Dustin London’s “Scared of Dying” opens Friday night at NURTUREart, showing new paintings in which the pictorial space becomes malleable, shifting, and subversive. In a finely calibrated balance of idiosyncratic elements and paradoxical logic, London’s work reveals that space is not the stage for an event; it is the event itself. Beginning as digital drawings, the lost tangible world is translated into the tactile reality of painting that lends itself to a mechanical fashion, forming gradients through minute striations of individual colors, “as painting chases the digital aura of the image.”


#3 “In Plain Sight” and “Water: Color” @ SOHO20 Gallery (SAT 1-5 PM)

56 Bogart Street

From Kathy Stark’s “In Plain Sight” (image courtesy of SOHO20 Gallery)

56 Bogart newcomer SOHO20 Gallery presents Kathy Stark’s “In Plain Sight” and Ann Young’s “Water: Color” on Saturday. Stark takes to the grid through obsessive codes of repetition and patterning to create an optical tension between the subject matter and materials. Through encaustic, collage and drawing, we see items like wallpaper test strips, knot tying diagrams, and old monument maps of Paris, London, and Rome peeking through the graphical details.

Illustrated scenes implying post-apocalyptic vignettes or views from a petri-dish make up Young’s surreal works. Described for their virulent colors, her paintings bare the microscopic views of found objects decomposing and disappearing into the canvas’ surface.


#4 “Double Vision” @ Silver Projects (SAT 7-9 PM)

796 Broadway, Floor 3

“Double Vision” opens Saturday (image courtesy of Silver Projects)

For Silver Projects’ “Double Vision” the artists took on the challenge to create work specifically for the slide projector, taking advantage of the sound, visual and quasi-filmic qualities of this timeless device. In doing so, the narratives of Eric Cahan, Elizabeth McAlpine, Liz Nielsen and Carolina Wheat fill an entire carousel of 80 slides each to transform the Silver Projects space, combining pre-cinematic nostalgia amidst the new media around us.

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