After less than a year, another edition Beat Nite is coming up this Friday in Bushwick! Beat Nite is the world’s most amazing and fun gallery walk in Bushwick, and you should not miss it. Looking at our photo essay from the last Beat Nite in February 2011, I have to say that a lot has changed in art Bushwick… For better, that is for sure. We have so many new galleries that it is starting to be complicated to see them all in one night!  But don’t worry, we compiled a little useful guide of 10 spots you should not miss during Beat Nite~

1. Factory Fresh 1053 Flushing Ave

Factory Fresh is featuring our pal Ryan Ford’s solo show called Don’t try to play me like an indoor sport. On the wave of cheerful apocalypse, Ford is unveiling wild world inside of his head. Colorful painting, fantasy sculptures… SECRET TIP: Make sure you arrive there at 8pm sharp! Bushwick experimental band Paradise Club will have a performance there.

2. The Active Space (previously known as Curbs and Stoops) 566 Johnson

The Active Space has a thriving art community going on, and for Beat Nite, they put together 4 shows!! I am personally the most curious about Ashley Zelinskie’s survey on technology’s influence in art , a group show “All Your Art Are Belong to Us.”

3. Storefront 16 Wilson Ave

Over at Storefront they are opening an exhibition featuring paintings and ceramics called Color Schemes. One of our favorite artists, painter Brooke Moyse is in the show, which means that art awesomness is inevitable.

4. Norte Maar 83 Wycoff  Ave #1B

Norte Maar is not only organizing amazing Beat Nite, but they will also have a new show featuring sound sculptures by Audra Woloviec. Audra is one of the most impressive artists around the town on Bushwick, so make sure you come!

5. Airplane 70 Jefferson

Airplane is a brand new art space in Bushwick ran by Lars Kremer, Liz Atz and Kevin Curran. Their mission is to feature great art and food (I mean, how awesome is that). Their 1st exhibition ‘Blind Spot’ sounds more then promising: Austin Thomas, Rico Gatson, and many others…

6. Microscope Gallery 4 Charles Pl

Thanks to Bushwick artist Marni Kotak who gave birth to her child in the gallery as performance art 2 days ago, Microscope is the most famous of Bushwick galleries right now. Go check out the gallery turned into the birthing station. Additionally, the exhibition now features the video and other renmnants from the birth.

7. Valentine 464 Seneca Ave

Leave the territory of Bushwick, and check out also Rigdewood. If you haven’t been to Valentine yet, you should! It’s an amazing space currently featuring an interesting exhibition What Makes Us Different From Animals?, and the owner Fred Valentine is a cool person to talk to.

8. Small Black Door 19-20 Palmetto

When in Ridgewood, don’t miss another new gallery called Small Black Door. They have an amazing exhibition called Separation going on. Check out the works of Rob de Oude, and how far can straight geometrical lines take you.