Bring Your Sunblock: Lorimoto Block Party, Polaroid Nostalgia and Plenty of Art For The Weekend!

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Summer doesn’t stop until we’ve used up all of our sunblock! Soak up the warm vibes this Saturday with a block party and opening reception at Lorimoto Gallery. Hood Gallery opens Friday night with “Bindle” and Good Work Gallery and Stream Gallery are planning closing receptions over the weekend.

We recommend you visit Sugarlift during gallery hours to see what their latest exhibition “After Dark” is all about, and get over to the Lower East Side for a little nostalgia in Nick McManus’ 6 month polaroid retrospective at City Bird Gallery.

#1 “Archimedes’ Bathtub” Opening & Block Party @ Lorimoto (SAT 2-6 pm)

1623 Hancock Street

Lorimot_Archimedes Bathtub-postcrd

Julian A. Jimarez Howard, who you know from OUTLET, is curating the latest show at Lorimoto: “Archimedes’ Bathtub.” With work from the New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) 2014 Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, the reception will also include a block party with the artists on Saturday, August 8th starting at 2 pm. 22 foreign born artists play off of an over 2000-year-old tale to reflect the idiosyncrasies of the viewer and their “displacement wading through the muddy waters of culture,” just as the volumetric displacement of rising water in a bathtub fascinated the Greek scientist Archimedes.

#2 “Bindle” @ Hood Gallery (FRI 8 pm)

1397 Myrtle Avenue

“Bindle” opens Friday, August 7th (Image courtesy of Hood Gallery)

29 artists will gather for a surprise inside the container store alley that holds Hood Gallery off Myrtle Avenue this Friday night. Gallery owner Tom Koehler says bindles will be randomly distributed to visitors with a willingness to gamble. Forget what a bindle is? You may know it as a long stick with a cloth or bag tied to the end for carrying items. The surprise may be what’s inside.


#3 Closing reception: Polaroids by Nick McManus @ City Bird Gallery (SAT 6 pm – 12 am)

191 Henry Street, Lower East Side

Bushwick Open Studios 2015, captured by Nick McManus (Photo by Katie Killary)

Go back in time – just a few months ago –  to the parties and festivals that occurred on these Bushwick streets. Photographer Nick McManus nostalgically captures recent celebrations like Bushwick Open Studios and Circus of Dreams through group polaroids in his 6 Month Polaroid Retrospective. We showed you all the group polaroids from BOS before, now see them in print at City Bird Gallery in the Lower East Side!


#4 Closing reception: “Top-A-Toppa” @ Stream Gallery (SUN 7 pm)

1196 Myrtle Avenue

The closing reception for “Top-A-Toppa” is Sunday, August 9th (Image courtesy of Stream Gallery)

Stream Gallery hosts a closing reception and live performance for “Top-A-Toppa,” which opened July 31st and features new work by Jamaican-American artist Christopher Udemezue. “Top-A-Toppa” explores black and brown queer bodies at large and the real individuals that become contemporary martyrs for justice in the face of adversity. More specifically the pieces look at the queer people of Jamaica and the Gully Queens in the nation’s capital, Kingston.

#5 Closing reception: “This Dog Needs A Name” @ Good Work Gallery (SAT 7-10 pm)

1100 Broadway

“This Dog Needs A Name” closes Saturday, August 8th (Image courtesy of Good Work Gallery)

“This Dog Needs A Name” opened July 18th as the first in a series of exhibitions called the “Notebook Series.” Based on the story of a stray dog found in Bed Stuy who was taken home by a stranger then sold for profit, this story falls within a greater series of artist narratives traced by curator Kerry Cox. Saturday night’s closing reception will include several video screenings plus a performance by Caitlin Baucom. Copies of the book “This Dog Needs A Name” will also be on sale.

See These Shows During Gallery Hours This Weekend!

“After Dark” @ Sugarlift (Gallery hours SAT 12-4)

200 Morgan Avenue

Kemi Mai’s “Grow” From Sugarlift’s “After Dark” (Photo by Katie Killary)

Sugarlift’s latest collection, Volume 005 “After Dark” opened with a stellar rooftop party on July 31st, featuring a round up of some of today’s leading digital artists. From painting to immersive and interactive projections, exhibiting artists include Lizzie Gill, Daniel Sierra, Karan Singh, Kemi Mai, Justin Maller and Ellery Mann. Their inspiration lies in bringing forward the minds behind the online character of digital media.

“Full Body Support” @ Songs for Presidents (Gallery hours SAT-SUN 12-6 pm)

1673 Gates Avenue, Ridgewood

“Full Body Support” is open Saturday and Sunday 12-6 pm (Image courtesy of Songs For Presidents)

The Songs for Presidents summer curatorial program continues with “Full Body Support,” expressing interests in the everyday: communication failures, background television and what it means to give yourself away. Annie Bielski’s compositions are barely contained on the canvas and have been described as a mess with “swaths of sloppy black paint tempering the fervor.” Looser imitations appear in Ben Regozin’s recognizable forms as fussy details are washed away, leaving objects coded by their absences. In this way, Ben’s decisions are laid bare to be considered; you don’t have to read between the lines.

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