While writing this article my utterly untrained white furry cat, runs to hide for his life under the bed because he’s heard a thunder storm outside. Though cute, he’s nothing like the members of The Amazing Acro-Cats troupe, which is set to wow us in Bushwick by their performance at The Muse (338 Moffat St) starting this Thursday, July 16 through Sunday, July 19.

The Amazing Acro-Cats, is one of only four “cat shows” touring the United States, and they frequently performs in front of sold-out venues across the country. The Acro-Cats is a troupe of 14 orphan and rescue cats, whose trainer and the circus owner, Samantha Martin, teaches them tricks using”clicker training” (which she highly recommends to all of us, cat parents).

“I am pretty much at the mercy of what they want to do,” Samantha said. “The performance is never the same, because the cats lead the show.”

This weekend will see some awesome skilled kitties, including Alley, the Guinness Record holder for the longest cat jump (six feet); Tuna, who rings a cowbell, or Sookie who pushes a cart across the stage. The show ends with a performance of a six-piece Rock Cats band. The kitties play drums, mini-guitars as well as a piano. Awww.

The Amazing Acro-Cats are putting on nine shows in Bushwick. Tickets are $25 and a portion of every shows’ ticket sales goes toward cat and kitten rescue.

Now seriously, do you have anything better to do this weekend?


The Amazing Acro-Cats @ The Muse Theater, 338 Moffat St, Bushwick. Performances twice or three times a day from Thursday to Sunday. Tickets are $25