Don’t Sweat the Summer: Cool Off with New Art Shows in Bushwick and Williamsburg this Weekend

The end of June is a transitional time—the breezy days of spring are long gone as we get catapulted into the hot and humid mess that is an NYC summer. The hoopla of ‘warm weather’ finally recedes and people are ready to ease into their summer grind. Summer is about lazy days on the beach, reading in the park, drinking on a rooftop, and most importantly trying to salvage any sense of style in 90 degree weather. Galleries are also winding down their summer calendars in preparation for summer hours in August. More apropos, the end of summer means the mass exodus of the entire art world from the sticky streets of NYC to much breezier destinations. Before we all migrate to cooler beach climates, cool off at these Bushwick and Williamsburg gallery openings.


93 Montrose Avenue


Life in Plastic is a solo exhibition by New York artist Naomi Frank. Her new exhibition challenges traditional relationships between viewer and viewed, object and value, while questioning traditional ideas of beauty and commodity. The series of large-scale portraits of women is an exploration of performative femininity. The still life series “Precious Things” and “Plastic and Glass” examines the tension between imitation and reality.

#2 “THE ROYAL WE” @ LOS OJOS (FRI 6-9 pm)

12 Cypress Avenue

The Royal We is a survey of work by contemporary LGBTQ artists in New York. The cultural identity established by earlier generations of LGBT artists has opened the door for new conversations in artistic practice. In The Royal We, artists asked whether identity is a matter of survival or an artistic choice in 2015. The artists featured recognize that rather than being universal, the distinction is personal. Whether exploring the personal aspects of intersectionality, creating activist works calling for equal rights, or merely working within a context of queer sensibilities, queer artists still have plenty to say.


191 North 14th Street

THE BOILER ROOMS presents “BEING (BECOMING)” on Friday and Saturday, June 26-27 (Image courtesy of THE BOILER ROOM)

Organized by London’s Royal College of Art, Beyond (Becoming) is two nights of performances by nine young artists brought together by study and subject. Led by Professor Nigel Rolfe, this is the founding class of the Performance Pathway course series at the Royal College of Art, which was launched in 2013 as a new departure for subject and possibility. The event is meant to make new steps with enough significant meaning and depth that would enable not only the students’ work but also performance work in general to be substantial and meaningful.


166 North 12th Street


On view is a solo exhibition by Brooklyn artist Milton Melvin Croissant III. He is a musician, animator and digital artist—you can check out his work on his website Moiety was founded by Joshua Schwartz and Kyle Smith in 2013; the name of the gallery is an obscure word that means “a part or portion, especially a lesser share.” This etymology lesson comes from the fact that not much else can be found out about this alternative space or this opening online—peruse the gallery website and see for yourself One thing is for sure, this gallery looks like a great place to spend a Saturday night.

#4 “AVETE DISCIPULI!” @ ART 101 (SAT 4-7 pm)

ART 101

Art 101 exhibits the artwork of students graduating from The Brooklyn Latin School—a prestigious NYC prep school. These students have completed 2 years of the international baccalaureate program in art. On view will be fine art as well as students “Investigation Workbooks,” which were the working notebooks the students kept during their 2-year coursework.

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