Slideluck Bushwick

What do Abe Lincoln, Bell hooks, Yoko Ono, Michelle Obama, Kathleen Hanna and Meryl Meisler all have in common?

Well, they are all invited to Slideluck‘s next Bushwick event during Bushwick Open Studios at The Living Room Gallery, says Jen Plaskowitz, Global Coordinator at Slideluck. And so are you!

Slideluck is a local non-profit organization founded by Casey Kelbaugh, which organizes fantastic events around the world combining three things we love the most: food, art and community.

They have held several Bushwick events in past, always at night. This year they’re mixing it up and inviting guests to come by earlier in the day for a potluck and BBQ. The actual event will showcase up to 20 artists chosen from submissions.

You’ll be happy to hear that Slideluck is still accepting submissions until Friday, May 22.  They are looking to feature a variety of art, which all must be based around Bushwick and the love we all share for our neighborhood.

Slideluck Bushwick III

“The artists don’t have to live in Bushwick, but they should maintain a connection to the neighborhood,” explained Jen Plaskowitz. “They could be living, working, showing, keeping a studio, having a family, anything like that, in Bushwick. We would really like to see a wide range of artists represented in the show as well, you don’t have to be an exhibiting artist or a recent arrival to submit. It’s a celebration of the art that is made in Bushwick, no matter who it’s made by.”

“All slideshows are shown with a soundtrack.  For copyright purposes all sound shown with work needs to be open-sourced or the rights to the music need to be secured. But there are so many interesting and talented musicians in this neighborhood, it would be great if people thought about asking their local musician friends to lend them a song for their soundtracks, or if they got extra creative and made their own,” Jen added.

To learn more about the submission process, check out Bushwick IV Submission Page. And don’t forget to submit by Friday, May 22. 

Keep your eyes open on @slideluck on Instagram for more to come.

Slideluck Bushwick IV is June 7 at The Living Gallery, 1094 Broadway, Bushwick. BBQ starts at 1PM; slideshow at 2:30PM.