Beat Nite 12 takes place Friday, March 6th during Armory Arts Week. Poster design by Ellen Letcher, courtesy of Norte Maar.

Since 2009 a gallery-going adventure has occurred across the neighborhood, it’s organizer, Jason Andrew, artist and director of the collaborative arts non-profit Norte Maar, leading the way. Celebrated as “Beat Nite,” this art crawl has grown into a popular bi-annual event for galleries and alternative art spaces to stay open late for artists and collectors, and invites great minds from the New York art scene to curate the list of spaces to visit. Friday night’s edition of Beat Nite welcomes writer and art critic Ben Sutton as guest curator, with the perfect mix of new and established galleries along the crawl.

Norte Maar (83 Wyckoff Avenue) will kick off the night as host space; from there, follow the event map, join the after party at The Vazquez and catch a few new art openings along the way!

10 Galleries Along The Beat Nite Path

Clockwise: “Loominosity at OUTLET, “Goals on Balls” at Kimberly-Klark, “Generative Processes” at TSA, “pleasure principle” at Sardine

#1 “The Given” Video Installation @ Microscope Gallery

1329 Willoughby Avenue, #2B

 Take a seat in James Fotopoulos’s all-immersive video experience addressing the nature of acting and recalled memory through the artists’ intense dreams in “The Given.”

#2 “6 x 6” @ Transmitter

1329 Willoughby Ave. #2AWith an eccentric curatorial process, newcomer Transmitter put together their second inaugural show via a “curatorial telephone” where a range of odd-ends from ice packs and saltshakers to fake fingernails and rubber bands grace the artists’ painted and sculptural works. 

#3 “Generative Processes” @ TSA New York

1329 Willoughby Avenue #2A”Generative Processes” is an intimate and humble exchange between Alex Paik and Debra Ramsay in which contrasting color processes combine the abstract and cerebral with grace and humor. Paik’s geometric works on paper sprinkle the gallery amid Ramsay’s seasonal trail of colors comprised of 72 distinct palettes.

#4 Jaime Gecker “pleasure principle” @ Sardine

286 Stanhope StreetLush collages of paint, minerals and gemstone create ambiguous landscapes in Jaime Gecker’s “pleasure principle.” Beneath these layers lies an underlying preoccupation with escaping a city with the same fantastical vigor that draws one to it in the first place. Memories and experiences are tracked in Gecker’s paintings, leaving an indelible fingerprint within the layers.

#5 “Goals on Balls” @ Kimberly-Klark Gallery

788 Woodward Ave, Ridgewood “Goals on Balls” opened last weekend and features the play of golf, tennis, pool, soccer, bowling; softball, baseball, volleyball, football, basketball and dodgeball in painted form at the new Kimberly-Klark Gallery in Ridgewood.

#6 “After Dark” @ 99¢ Plus Gallery (7-10 pm)

238 Wilson Ave.

After Dark” takes an immersive look into the alluring aura of the night, seeking the elusive mystery of the time between the dusk and the dawn. With photographic works by Allen Frame, Matthew Leifheit, Ryan Lowry, and Sam Clarke; a collaborative sound installation by Jaein Lee & MC, and debut works from Sharon Gong, Malkia Saint-Albin, and Jake Terrell.

#7 “Loominosity” @ OUTLET

253 Wilson Ave.Weave your way through silk, wool, cotton and glass beads to see “Loominosity’s” results though the use of one common tool – the loom. Photoshop imagery, symbols from Pre-Columbian weaving traditions, ocean landscapes and other ideas mix the digital with the traditional.

#8 Ben Estes: Movie Posters For Song Cave @ Jackie Klempay (6-9 pm)

82 Central Ave. #1AJackie Klempay hosts a benefit this Friday night involving The Song Cave – a local poetry press led by Ben Estes. For Beat Nite, Estes has invited artists to design a movie poster to help support future programming, with over 20 participating artists.

#9 “PAY TO PLAY” @ ODETTA (6-9 pm)

229 Cook StreetKnown for their sharp tongue and keen eye, William Powhida and Rita Valley bring deadpan humor, hard truths, and cool remove as Rico Gatson and Joe Amrhein’s satire seduce through their respective takes on today’s economic issues. Check them out in ODETTA’s “PAY TO PLAY.”

#10 “Something Naught” @ Centotto

250 Moore Street #108Paul D’Agostino and Centotto hosts an an interstizio exhibit with artists Matthew Mahler, Christopher Dunlap, Ryan DaWalt, and Christopher Thomas D’Acunto.

#11 Beat Nite After Party + Light Installation by Julia Sinelnikova @ The Vazquez (10pm, tickets $10)

93 Forrest Street

Save the last dance for the Beat Nite after party inside The Vazquez building, where Julia Sinelnikova’s supernatural imagery  joins forces with the sounds of DJs CALLMEYO + jojoSOUL. Julia’s works, titled “Chalcedony” will be on view through Armory weekend (SAT – SUN. 2-7 pm).

Julia Sinelnikova exhibits “Chalcedony” at the Beat Nite after party (Image courtesy of Norte Maar)


More Opening Receptions This Weekend


Several more openings are taking place during Beat Nite, including new works in the Wayfarers gallery space and up on the TOBY project wall, as well as at Storefront Ten Eyck and Orgy Park, followed by a Saturday night opening at Theodore:ART and screening at Good Work Gallery.

“making stuff out of things” + “Summer Studies” @ Wayfarers (FRI 7-10 pm)

1109 Dekalb Ave.Inspired by the ongoing romance between art and the city, “making stuff out of things” will feature paintings, sculptures, and collaborative works by Douglas Degges and Eric Oglander. Just as the city forces us to walk everywhere and take everything in, the whole city appeals as their massive studio space, resulting in works to fill Wayfarer’s front gallery space. Complemented by Cassidy Araiza’s photography works in “Summer Studies along the TOBY Project Wall, exploring the unseen, overlooked and discarded scenes in our environment.

“New Narratives” + Leslie Alexander in the Project Room @ Storefront Ten Eyck (FRI 6-9 pm)

324 Ten Eyck StreetFeaturing works by fifteen artists, “New Narratives” will fill Storefront Ten Eyck’s vast gallery space while digital photographs by Leslie Alexander break into the painted realm, examining the colliding worlds of the natural and the mechanical.

“Damage Predictions” @ Orgy Park (6-10 pm)

237 Jefferson Street #1BThe likeness of a dream house fulfills the setting in “Damage Predictions,” a collaborative environment created by Gregory Kalliche and Jesse Hlebo at Orgy Park. By challenging the viewer’s pre-determined or expected ideas of an art show, the exhibit utilizes light and sound to shake predictions and provide a transportive realm.

“love, mistake, promise, auto crack-up, color, petal” @ Theodore:ART (SAT 6-9 pm)

56 Bogart StreetIt’s all about retinal noise in Jack Davidson’s viewing bench of “love, mistake, promise, auto crack-up, color, petal.” The epidermis of the world’s retina, which is how we can refer to Jack Davidson’s work, is conscious of strangeness and belonging at the same time.

Taylor Shields “Mysteries” Screening @ Good Work Gallery (SAT 8-10 pm)

1100 BroadwayDescribed as “not quite a screening, not quite a lecture (but there will be an artist talk)” Good Work Gallery’s one-night screening of “Mysteries” presents a survey of Taylor Shields’ short videos, excerpts and performances, investigating interactions with physical and virtual spaces using simulations and animations.